Vacations aren’t necessarily the relaxing and rejuvenating interlude for which you’re searching. People often return from a vacation tense, depressed, and full of anxiety. If you’re hungry for experiences, it can be less stressful to stay home and take in local attractions.

Planning Stage

It can be stressful just trying to decide where to go. There’s a myriad of other concerns that include budgeting, packing, slow visa approvals and cancelled flights. Other elements include shutting off services, cleaning out the fridge before you leave, and ensuring the safety of your home while you’re away. Planning a vacation can be the most stressful aspect.

There’s often the stress of doing extra tasks at work before leaving or setting things up for the person who will do your job while you’re gone. Many employers think nothing of cancelling employee vacations at the last minute.

You Arrive at the Destination

There are typically dozens of activities to engage in once you arrive. The average person tries to pack as many of those amusements and entertainments as they can into a limited timeframe. Doing so creates stress and a fear of missing out. Complicating that is the way that the brain processes and integrates information. The mind needs time to relive the experience. That’s not possible when rushing from one activity to the next.

Returning Home

Arriving back to your home base can be equally stressful. You need to turn services back on, restock the fridge, or pick up pets from a boarding facility. Your mind will automatically begin to gear back up for work. Don’t let work concerns ruin the last days or hours of your down time.

Coping and Responding

How you cope with stress and respond to it will be a determining factor in your relaxation and stress levels. There are a variety of potential situations that can arise during every stage of your vacation journey. Knowing what they are, anticipating them, and understanding how you’ll respond can help relieve stress if those situations do occur.


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