Today (March 30th) Is World Bipolar Day - Help Spread Awareness

Did you know that there is a day meant to spread awareness about bipolar disorders? Today, March 30th, is world bipolar day. But, how can this day be utilized to the fullest to spread awareness and help people who may be struggling with bipolar disorders?

Southcoast Psychiatric Services understands the meaning and influence that international mental health days can bring to many people around the world. That’s why we wish to inform people about the relevance of this day and how it can be used to spread awareness.

The Need for Spreading Awareness About Bipolar Disorder

There are disparities in what people believe to be true about bipolar disorder and what is actually true about these mental health conditions. These disparities in what is believed and what’s actually true can keep people living with bipolar disorders from actually getting the help they need. According to studies, some of the misinformation that surrounds bipolar disorders include:

  • 40% of people think that people with bipolar disorders don’t want to talk about their condition, but 79% of people with bipolar disorders say that they don’t want to talk about their condition because it creates negative perceptions in the way others see them.
  • 1 out of 5 people thinks that bipolar disorder symptoms are something that can be controlled without medication and believe that symptoms of bipolar disorders are something that can be controlled with will alone.
  • 62% of people living with bipolar disorder find it hard to make and maintain meaningful relationships with others.

These stigmatizing beliefs about bipolar disorders and the consequences of these beliefs make it challenging for people living with these conditions to live out normal, daily lives. And, get the help they need to maintain symptom management through effective and available treatment.

The Purpose of World Bipolar Day

The purpose of world bipolar day is to spread not only awareness of bipolar disorders, but about the stigmas that surround these mental health issues. When more people are aware of the realities of these conditions, they can begin to accept that medication and effective psychiatric treatments are the best course of action. And, begin to see people living with bipolar disorders as human beings.

People with bipolar disorders are normal. Yes, they do experience negative symptoms of their mental health issues that are debilitating to daily life. But, they can still engage with others, be great at their careers, have families, and do everything that other people can. World bipolar day is meant to spread awareness of these facts, spread information about bipolar disorders, and disperse myths that surround bipolar disorder that are potentially dangerous for the people living with these mental health issues.

How You Can Have a Positive Involvement WIth World Bipolar Day

Want to help the initiative of world bipolar day? Whether you have been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder or not, anyone can help to spread awareness of mental health issues and make the world a better place for people living with bipolar disorders. Some things you can do to help include:

  • educating yourself and others about the science behind bipolar disorders and bipolar disorder treatment
  • remember and remind yourself and others that people with bipolar disorder are normal
  • speak up about your experience with mental health issues including bipolar disorder
  • share information about bipolar disorders and help to spread awareness by posting on social media and creating or going to mental health events

Getting Help for Bipolar Disorder

Has world bipolar day made you aware of potential bipolar disorder in your life? Help is available. Southcoast Psychiatric Services offers counseling, treatment, and more for people living with mental health issues like bipolar disorders on an outpatient basis. Learn more about how we can help on our website.