Why So Many People Don’t Get Treatment for Mental Illness

Around the world, millions of people struggle with mental health issues every day. Sadly, according to research done by the National Institutes of Health, a whopping 70% don’t get mental health treatment or care. Treatment for mental illness is important so that people can learn the skillsets necessary for behavioral changes. And, to begin healing so that the symptoms of mental health no longer debilitate everyday life. However, there are many reasons why people may not get the mental health help they need. But, addressing these reasons may help to stop the stigmas that keep people from getting help or provide the access to help that they deserve.

Why Aren’t People Getting Help for Mental Illness?

Mental treatment is successful in helping to reduce severe symptoms of mental health issues. And, provides individuals with helpful tools that can assist with living a more healthy lifestyle. So, why aren’t the majority of people in the world that are living with mental illness using treatment? There are a number of reasons why people don’t get the mental health help they need including:

Mental Illness Stigmas: A stigma is a negative stereotype placed on a group of people. For example, in the case of mental health issues, there is a stigma that people with mental illness are ‘crazy’, when in fact, that is not at all the reality. There are a number of negative stigmas associated with mental illness. So, people living with these conditions may not get help out of fear of what other people may think. Or, even worse, they may believe these stigmas themselves. This is why it’s so important to address mental health stigmas and spread awareness of mental illnesses and treatment.

The Don’t Think They Need It: A lack of knowledge on the symptoms of mental health issues that characterize these disorders can keep people from getting help. If you don’t think you struggle with a mental health issue, why get help? Spreading awareness about the symptoms and signs of these disorders can help people realize they may need help.

They Don’t Think Treatment Can Help: A big percentage of people who don’t get help from mental treatment don’t believe they can be helped. They’ve either been told that they are beyond help or they believe that they can’t get better due to internal insecurities, feelings of doubt, and hopelessness.

External Obstacles: The final reason why people may not get help for mental illness is due to external factors. These factors can include not being able to afford it, a lack of transportation, having to go to work, or having to take care of family members.

The Dangers of Not Getting Help

When mental illness goes untreated, a number of negative effects can take place. First and foremost, symptoms can get worse, leading to the development of concurring mental health issues like anxiety or depressive disorders. Dual diagnosis is even harder to treat than a singular diagnosis, so it’s important to get help as soon as possible.

Other dangers of not getting help can include irreparable relationships, issues with the law, losing a job or career, the development of physical health issues, and even death. It’s vital to find a way around the issues that keep people from getting help due to the dangers that untreated mental illness promotes.

Getting Help For Mental Illness at Southcoast

If you find that you can’t get the help you need due to monetary reasons, many mental health facilities take payment plans and/or insurance. If you feel that you can’t be helped with treatment, there is always something you can try. Mental health treatment doesn’t look the same for everyone. But, it’s important to keep trying to find the solutions that work best for you.

Southcoast Psychiatric Services offers a number of services for people living with mental illness. Find out how we can help by visiting our website today.