What is Reality Therapy and What are its Benefits?

Reality therapy, otherwise known as choice therapy, is a type of therapy that can assist individuals in changing behaviors. And, thus, changing their lives. At Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we know that using a combination of therapies is the best way to treat mental health issues. That’s why we offer a number of different therapeutic services, including reality therapy. But, what is reality therapy, and can it help you or a loved one?

What is Reality Therapy?

Reality therapy is a type of therapy that addresses an individual’s personal issues while practicing remaining in the present. Rather than looking into the past, reality therapy helps individuals deal with emotions and issues they face currently. And, learn to use helpful techniques in order to change patterns of choices that lead to negative consequences.

Furthermore, this type of therapy helps individuals identify specific psychological needs that aren’t being met in their lives. The absence of these needs can result in negative behaviors and thought patterns. Thus, resulting in the

These psychological needs can include:

  • Happiness and fun
  • Independence
  • Love
  • Feelings of belonging
  • Attainment and power

The History of Reality Therapy

This type of therapy was first created by a psychiatrist named William Glasser in the 1960s. Glasser believed that individuals are able to control their thoughts and behaviors, although their feelings are another story. And, this control of our actions and thoughts is what gives us the power to meet specific goals. However, when a person loses this control by not having basic, psychological needs met, this can result in negative behaviors and choices.

Overall, the goal of this type of therapy is to instill change in the lives of those who utilize it. Furthermore, to stimulate a person’s ability to address their feelings head-on. This way, individuals can begin to choose their thoughts and actions rather than responding to negative emotions with certain behaviors or thought patterns.

Some of the Benefits of Reality Therapy

Reality therapy allows individuals to change the choices they make and address emotions in the present. This promotes a number of benefits including improved:

  • quality of relationships
  • self-awareness
  • self-confidence and acceptance
  • personal growth
  • coping skills in dealing with adversity
  • and more

Sessions involve not only helping individuals to identify how to make better choices, but to identify negative behaviors and choices. This way, they can learn how to neglect these choices and behaviors in the future. Therefore, giving individuals the tools to make choices that can change the overall quality of their lives. And, impact nearly every aspect of life.

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