What is Personal Development and How Can Therapy Help to Achieve It?

What is personal development? Personal development is when a person is reaching their optimal potential as a human being. This can involve a number of different aspects of life including physical, emotional, and mental health as well as optimizing personal relationships. It also can mean diving deeper into past experiences like trauma and childhood events that have hindered the progress of personal development. And, include working on and addressing challenges that have kept a person from experiencing new things and opportunities as well as make them feel like they can’t move forward in life.

What is Personal Development Therapy?

Therapy that focuses on personal development helps people to recognize and reach for their personal development goals. It involves helping people think differently about where they are in life, their thought processes about past traumas and experiences, and what they want to do with their lives moving forward. When people can learn to think differently and see and accept opposing viewpoints, they can more easily work to focus on forward movement in their lives. This is what personal development counseling helps people to do.

What Can One Expect From Personal Development Counseling?

There are a number of techniques that are helpful during counseling sessions that focus on personal development. Some of the things you can expect to touch on during these types of therapy sessions may include:

  • Mental health issues that can contribute to stagnation including anxiety disorders, MDD (major depressive disorder), Bipolar disorder, eating disorders, addiction, and more
  • Past trauma and ongoing PTSD
  • Career goals and current contentedness with job placement
  • Current and past relationships (family, intimate, and friendships)
  • Lifestyle (eating habits, exercise routine, sleep, etc.)
  • Educational goals
  • Self-image and confidence

What You’ll Learn During Personal Development Counseling

Personal development doesn’t happen without setting goals for yourself and actively working towards those goals. So, during personal development counseling, you’ll work on contemplating these goals, setting these goals, and planning to put them in motion. For each individual, these goals may differ – and that’s completely ok! Not everyone has the same outlook for their life as the next person. Therefore, during these sessions, it’s imperative to pinpoint what you want for yourself as far as developing your lifestyle and maintaining happiness.

Furthermore, where you are at in your life can determine the personal development goals you may have during a specific time. For example, someone dealing with active addiction may wish to focus more on developing personal goals about maintaining sobriety. And, someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one may need to set goals about moving past trauma and getting back to their true self. So, plans for personal growth may differ from person to person and can vary depending on current circumstances.

Some steps to developing a personalized development plan can include:

  • identifying what you want to achieve in your life
  • addressing where you are at currently with reaching your personal growth goals
  • pinpointing what you can do to achieve your goals
  • setting specific behaviors and routines that will help you achieve these goals
  • identifying how to maintain motivation for your goals

Personal Development Counseling at Southcoast Psychiatric Services

Do you feel that you’re stuck in your life and can’t move forward? Do you have a vision for your life that you don’t know how to achieve? Are there certain obstacles in the way of your personal growth that you don’t know how to overcome? If so, counseling can help you identify what you can do to move forward and achieve the goals you envision for your life.

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