What is Medication Management and Why is it Important?

Here at Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we wish to offer our patients the very best in comprehensive mental health treatment. That means providing complete mental health care all from the safety and comfort of our facility. Because we wish to give our clients the best chance of successful recovery and optimal mental health services, we provide integrated services intended to assist individuals with their care. One of these services is medication management. But, what is medication management and why is it essential for a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment planning?

What is Medication Management Anyway?

Essentially, medication management is a service intended to help patients manage prescription medication schedules, symptoms, and changes. It’s a guided approach to taking medications, which allows for a number of benefits, especially in the mental health field. Typically, medication management begins with discussing medical history and history of medications. Then, determining proper medications and when medications will be taken. And addressing any issues with symptoms or adverse reactions while a patient is taking prescribed medication.

The Benefits of Medication Management in Mental Health Treatment

What is Medication Management and Why is it Important?For mental health patients, medication management offers many advantages. Some of these benefits include:

  • Helping to reduce stress about when to take medication
  • Providing help when symptoms or reactions from medication occur
  • Offers a more personalized approach to treatment
  • Provides a collaborative approach to care – multiple doctors can determine more accurate prescribing
  • Allows patients to remain actively engaged in their treatment
  • Increases the chances for medication efficacy and successful outcomes
  • Reduces the cost of medications as patients don’t pay for medications that don’t work for them or need to go to the hospital as the result of adverse reactions
  • Increases overall patient satisfaction with mental health treatment
  • Allows for better patient comfort as side effects and worries are addressed immediately and continuously

The Importance of Medication Management

Typically, patients will get a prescription and take it without really understanding that how and when they take medications is a critical step in their care. When this is the case, patients are more likely to misuse medications, take them at the wrong times, and experience dangerous adverse reactions or side effects.

Medication management allows for patients to take medications at the right time, using the right dosage. And, furthermore, allows for the careful supervision of a doctor, which allows for the identification of negative side effects or reactions. Thus, allowing for a more thorough, efficient, and successful way to utilize medications for mental health purposes.

What is Medication Management Like?

Initially, when it comes to managing medications, your doctor will first need to brush up on your medication history. This helps to determine whether or not medications may have been effective previously or if you’ve had any adverse effects or reactions in the past. Furthermore, medications you may already be taking are considered to determine whether or not they are necessary and safe for use. Finally, you’ll discuss a plan with your doctor about taking your medications on a scheduled timeline and the correct dosing for each of your medications. And, given support in case you have any questions or concerns about your medications.

Southcoast and Medications for Mental Health

Here at Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we understand that misuse and misprescribing of medications is a big problem. Especially, for individuals in treatment for mental health issues. That’s why we offer medication management for each of our outpatient clients. This way, they can get the medication support they need without having to worry about side effects, adverse reactions, hospital visits, and more.

To learn more about how Southcoast helps with mental health issues and our medication management approach, contact us on our website today. Or, give us a call today to speak confidentially with one of our specialists at 561-241-6628.