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It can be difficult for individuals and/or their caregivers to keep track of the medications that they’re taking, the time they should be administered, and how often. In mental health, it also involves the evaluation of a person’s need for prescription medication, ongoing monitoring of the medication’s effectiveness, side effects, and effectiveness.

Medication management is a critical strategy in mental health treatment that can mitigate or alleviate symptoms of mental health disorders and conditions for better quality of life. Psychotropic medications offer relief, but must be taken as prescribed to avoid adverse reactions from misuse or abuse.


Everyone doesn’t respond to a specific medication in the same way, nor is there a one-size-fits-all medication solution. Mental health professionals are acutely aware of this and can prescribe medication and dosages based on an individual’s needs and medical history for maximum effectiveness.

Side Effects

Unwanted side effects can occur with any medication. It’s especially important to monitor for them. Some side effects may be annoying or inconvenient, while others can be hazardous to mental and physical health.


A mental health professional will use their experience, expertise and knowledge to prescribe an appropriate dosage. Everyone is different and adjustments may be required. Medication needs can also change over time.

Potential Interactions

There are some medications, and even over-the-counter supplements, that should never be taken together. This is especially important if an individual is taking other medication prescribed by a physician. Mental health professionals know what medications interact badly with one another.


It’s imperative that individuals understand the purpose of their mental health medication, possible side effects, potential risks, the importance of precisely following label instructions, and the dangers of misuse.

Medication and Therapy

Medication management, when combined with ongoing therapy, is a recipe for better outcomes. It enables individuals to take a more active and responsible role in their treatment and recovery.

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