Combating Communication Issues With Counseling

The changing roles of men in society has led to what’s being called a masculinity crisis. Many men and boys say they’re unclear and confused about what their role is or should be in society and interpersonal relationships.

Traditional Roles

Society has dictated for centuries that men are providers, protectors and leaders, therefore they should be the head of the household. They’re expected to be emotionally strong, stoic and competitive. Masculinity is often defined as being bold, brave and daring.

Society has overtly supported the male gender role in homes and business, based on biology. Men now often find themselves performing tasks that they’re been taught are traditionally those of women. The “role reversal” can leave them feeling undermined.

Women Step Up

More women are getting degrees, managing their own finances, are in positions of power, and taking responsibility as the primary bread winner. As roles in society, the workplace and economy have changed for women, many men use the terms worthless and useless to describe their role in today’s societal structure.

At Risk Populations

African-American and middle-class men are at the greatest risk of feeling displaced. Working class men have a greater rate of addiction and suicide attempts. Women have made the transition to “non-traditional” roles better than men. Greater awareness typically results in solutions, but this hasn’t happened.

Addressing the Issue

One strategy that’s beneficial is for men to have a place where they can admit their feelings. A therapist’s office is a great place for that, but men generally continue to refuse to seek professional help. Instead, they turn to informal groups to commiserate with others that feel the same.

A mental health professional can help men explore what they think the problem is, why they view themselves as “less than,” and help them overcome negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therapy is effective for creating understanding, identifying misconceptions, and helping individuals feel more at peace within themselves.


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