Helping a Friend With Depression - What Not to Do

Multiple studies have shown that there’s a definite link between nutrition and mental health issues. A poor diet and one lacking in essential vitamins and minerals can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and exacerbate those conditions.

Training the Brain

Today’s reliance upon fast food and processed foods is a major problem. Over time, the brain becomes trained to crave those sugar and flour-laden foods. They stimulate a dopamine response in the brain associated with rewards and pleasure. The effect on the brain is very similar to an addiction.

Inadequate Nutrients

The lack of vitamins and minerals can create inflammation in the body and brain. The inflammation contributes to mental health disorders that include anxiety and depression. People that are stressed typically reach for processed foods to feel better, which further continues the cycle.

Eating Well Benefits Mental Health

Breaking the cravings and transitioning to nutrient rich food can be extremely difficult. Eating fresh foods, with generous portions of fresh fruits and vegetables results in better brain functioning, along with better emotional and mental health. People feel less fatigue, are more alert, have better reaction times, and make better decisions.

Eating for Mental Health

Fruits, vegetables and foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are a good place to start breaking the addiction and feeling better. For snacks, try nuts and seeds. Practice mindful eating.

Severe Effects

Stress, anxiety or depression may be severe to the point where they’re interfering in day-to-day activities. That’s when its time to seek the assistance of a mental health professional. The experts can help individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, and multiple types of mental health conditions. He or she can also assist if an eating disorder is present. There are many causes of mental health issues and an inadequate diet is just one factor. A mental health professional is there to help when life becomes overwhelming and when problems seem too large to handle alone.


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