The Holidays and Depression: How to Cope | Southcoast

The holidays can bring about stress for a number of reasons. But, while it’s common to stress during this time of year, these extra stressors are an even bigger worry for people living with depression. When not managed, the added stress and worry that comes with the holiday season can lead to spiraling symptoms. Fortunately, there are tips for dealing with the holidays and depression to help keep depressive symptoms at bay. And, manage that extra stress that comes with this time of year.

First Thing’s First – Addressing Depression

The first thing to do to keep symptoms of depression at bay is to manage depression. But, first, you’ll need to identify it in your own life. Depression is experiencing feelings of sadness, isolation, hopelessness, loneliness, avoidance, and more for an extended period of time. These periods of symptoms can be recurring and seem like they’re never ending. But, help is available and successful in treating depression.

Help for depression consists of a combination of therapy and antidepressant prescription medications. Outpatient treatment allows for the addressing of depression and symptoms while continuing with everyday responsibilities. This way, you can get the help you need without picking up your entire life. Southcoast Psychiatric Services in South Florida offers outpatient counseling and psychotherapy for individuals living with symptoms of depression. Find out more about our depression counseling and other services right on our website.

Some things that you’ll take from counseling and psychotherapy services at Southcoast include:

  • Helping to change thinking from negative to positive
  • Coping skills to deal with depressive episodes or symptoms
  • Helpful communication skills
  • Boundary setting to help improve the quality of relationships
  • Methods of dealing with and accepting trauma
  • Skills to identify and manage symptom triggers

Why Do Symptoms of Depression Come Up Around the Holidays?

The holidays can bring about added stress and symptoms of depression in a few different ways. Some of the things that can bring about depressive triggers during the holiday season include:

Past Trauma: It’s inevitable that you will have to deal with family during the holidays. But, for those who may have experienced childhood trauma, having to be around family for the holidays can bring about negative symptoms that can lead to other, depressive symptoms.

Painful Memories: Every family has its issues. But, for those who may have negative, painful memories around the holidays, like losing a loved one or remembering a hurtful thing someone said during this time of year, this can be triggering.

Life Changes: As we age, we notice changes in our lives and families. For example, seeing that our parents are aging. Or, that a family member has changed behaviorally. In either case, it can be stressful to deal with these drastic changes.

Getting the Help You Need This Holiday Season

Professional help through therapy and treatment can assist with these added stressors and others during the holiday season. If you’re ready to address the symptoms of depression in your own life so they no longer affect your holidays, Southcoast Psychiatric Services is here to help.

Learn about our outpatient services and some of our offerings right on our website. To speak with us confidentially about the first steps you can take to tackling the holidays and depression, call 561-241-6628.