Can Your Relationships Benefit from Communication Skills Therapy?

The three components of well-being are cognitive, emotional and behavioral. Each component interacts with, and influences, the others. It’s known as the health triangle. They’re all critical for mental well-being. People typically deem themselves happy if they experience frequent positive feelings and few negative feelings, which translates into high life satisfaction. Those 3 components enable the body to function normally, manage emotions, thoughts and feelings, and behave in socially acceptable ways.

The Need for Balance

An upset or imbalance in one area will affect others. When one aspect is disrupted, it can result in anxiety or depression, antisocial or inappropriate behaviors, inflammation and fatigue, and a feeling of malaise throughout the body.

Even Good Things Can Create Stress

The top 5 most stressful life events that can disrupt the health triangle are:

  • Loss of a loved one or pet
  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • A major injury or illness
  • Job loss

However, numerous other situations, such as marriage, a new baby, starting a new job, or a new pet can also cause stress and anxiety, leading to poor sleep quality, cognitive problems and depression.

Stress Hormones

When any part of the mind, body or spirit are stressed, the body reacts by releasing “fight or flight” hormones. Long-term stress and exposure to those hormones affects everything from mental well-being to bone density and sexual health.

Managing Well-Being

There are measures anyone can take to alleviate and manage stress to help balance the body, mind and spirit. Individuals can engage in physical activity that they enjoy. or indulge in some guided imagery to reset the psyche. It can also be helpful for individuals to take a few moments to think about something that makes them feel good or something for which they’re grateful.

Seek Professional Help

If individuals find themselves struggling, the services of a mental health professional can help. The experts can assist in helping individuals discover underlying causes. With a mental health expert, individuals can also learn coping mechanisms that they can use throughout their lifetime.


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