How Telemedicine Services Aid Treatment During the COVID19 Pandemic

Here at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services, we believe that offering care to individuals struggling with mental health issues is important, even during a global health pandemic. In fact, many believe that the current state of the world will actually increase the number of people living with addictions. Telemedicine services are psychiatric and therapeutic services available for mental health patients, via technology. Telehealth technology can include telephone calls, video conferencing, messaging, web solutions, and even phone applications. This way, individuals can receive the care and guidance they need even if they can’t get these services face-to-face.

The Use of Telemedicine and Its History

While telemedicine has been around for nearly 4 decades, it has been rapidly gaining popularity in use in the previous few years. This is due to the expanding technology that we have grown accustomed to using in our daily lives. But, while it’s true that telemedicine services are becoming more widely available due to technology, it’s also true that most people don’t even know it’s a viable option for treatment.

Overall, telemedicine allows for alternative assistance when it comes to treating mental health issues like addiction. But, because of its underuse in the past, many people who may benefit from telehealth services aren’t even aware of its existence.

What to Expect from Virtual Telehealth Services

SouthCoast Psychiatric Services offers telehealth services for both current patients and new patients looking for mental health care for a number of reasons. If you’re a new patient and have never previously explored telemedicine options, there are a few things you can expect.

The telemedicine process from our facility includes:

  • An initial assessment to determine past medical history, overall health, and accurate diagnosis
  • Therapeutic opportunities including both individual and group sessions
  • Education on medications, treatments, and more

After your initial assessment, our mental health specialists will talk to you about your treatment planning options. And, determine the best scheduling and therapeutic sessions for you to utilize. Many of our telehealth services are conducted through HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software. So, all of the sessions are just like face-to-face in the fact that they are purely confidential and secure.

The Benefits of Telehealth Services

Along with providing people with the help they need for mental health care during the COVID19 pandemic, telehealth opportunities also offer a number of other benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Giving patients the chance to schedule sessions around other responsibilities
  • Saving money and time on transportation to mental health services
  • Relieving stress in finding in-person treatment opportunities which may not be as available during this time
  • Provides a safe way to get mental health help without risking exposure to the virus

Get the Help You Need Today

Don’t want to expose yourself or a loved one to the COVID19 virus but still need mental health assistance?

SouthCoast Psychiatric Services offers telehealth services to help people struggling with a number of mental health issues. Check out our website to find out more about the treatments we offer, and the conditions we treat and contact us regarding how we can help.