Medical Solutions Used to Stop Smoking to Consider

The decision to quit smoking is a hard but smart one. Deciding to quit is just the first step – the rest of the journey is not smooth at all, but it will get better over time. You can use several medicines and other resources to quit the habit of smoking for good. Here are a few ways to stop smoking and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Nicotine Replacement Medicines

Most of the time, you need to take nicotine replacement treatments for around 2 or 3 months. Before using anything, make sure to contact your doctor to learn more about these medicines and what’s best for you. If you continue to smoke, vape, or use other tobacco products while using nicotine replacement medicines, it can be dangerous for your body.

Nicotine Chewing Gum

Nicotine gum is very common and also very useful in helping people quit. This gum can be bought easily from any drugstore without any prescription. Make sure to read the directions on the package for the dosages you need to take.

Most gums are supposed to be chewed every one-to-two hours. Try not to use more than 20 pieces per day. The longer you use them, the fewer the number of pieces you need to consume. Try to avoid alcohol, orange juice, or any soda before having nicotine chewing gum because these drinks can easily reduce the effect of the gum.

You may feel discomfort in your mouth or throat if you don’t use the gum properly. Make sure to reach out to your doctor if this is the case.

Nicotine Patch

Medical Solutions Used to Stop Smoking to ConsiderThis is a pretty standard way to stop smoking. Not only is a nicotine patch easy to use, but it is also known to be very effective. Even people who are avid smokers can get rid of the habit by using a nicotine patch. You don’t need a prescription to buy a nicotine patch, but it is always better to contact your doctor first.

Buying a nicotine patch can be tricky since it all depends on how much tobacco you consume in a day. Make sure to look at recommended dosages on the back of the pack, so you know where to begin. As time passes, your dosage will decrease based on your timeline, and when you started.

You can put the patch on your arm or your chest. A new patch needs to be put on every 16 to 24 hours. If you believe the patch is disrupting your sleeping, remove the patch but don’t forget to put a new one on as soon as you wake up. The patch will not interfere with any of your daily activities; you can shower, swim, or go to the gym while wearing it, and it won’t make a difference. If you feel like your skin is getting sore, try applying the patch to a different location every day. If it gets worse, contact your doctor immediately.

Nicotine Spray

You need to visit your doctor before getting a nicotine spray. The spray is supposed to go in your nose one or two times every hour. The spray might have some side effects in the first week or two, but they will go away over time. For more information, visit your doctor. Side effects include runny nose and watery eyes. Nicotine spray is supposed to be used for around three to six months.

Stop Smoking Today

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