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Adjusting back to home life after serving in the country’s military can be challenging. Veterans face specific situations that can affect mental health that civilians may never have to experience. Due to these individual experiences in the military, it’s important that these individuals are given support and resources so they have the best chance for a successful acclimation back into our country’s society. Here at South Coast Psychiatric Services, we offer therapeutic services like counseling to veterans and their families. This way, the transition back to civilian life is better managed. And, veterans can get the help and support they need to manage any issues which may arise in the process.

The Importance of Counseling for Veterans and Their Families

Veteran counseling can help military individuals and their families dealing with a number of issues. For example, veteran counseling can be beneficial for those living with marital issues, family problems, PTSD and trauma, substance abuse disorder, depression, anxiety and stress, reimplementing back into civilian life, and other issues. Unfortunately, when veterans come home and don’t have the support they need to deal with things they may have experienced during duty or help with reintegration, mental health issues can develop. And, when these mental health issues aren’t treated, they can lead to the development of even more issues. Fortunately, counseling can give veterans the tools they need to integrate back into society successfully. And, deal with mental health issues and their symptoms so they no longer debilitate a veteran’s ability to maintain a healthy and successful lifestyle.

Counseling for Veterans Living with PTSD

One of the most common mental health issues that veterans face is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Essentially, this is when people experience debilitating side effects as the result of experiencing trauma while in combat. These symptoms can include insomnia, hallucinations, nightmares, flashbacks, and high anxiety levels. And, may come and go, last weeks, months, or even years after experiencing a traumatic event or events. Other symptoms can include the inability to control emotions, avoidance behaviors, and even memory problems. Veteran counseling helps individuals living with PTSD to identify the source of their trauma, confront emotions and thought patterns, and develop coping strategies to address symptoms.

Counseling for Veterans Living with Depression and Anxiety

Along with PTSD, many veterans face depression or anxiety disorders. Once back home, veterans can face family issues, debt, poor health, and other things that can lead to poor emotional management. And, the development of anxiety, stress, and/or depression. Furthermore, veterans may also feel a disconnection to others upon coming home, which can also attribute to feelings of sadness and loneliness. Then, avoid others so they don’t have to face their emotions. Thus, making the situation even more difficult to deal with altogether. Veteran counseling can help people experiencing these feelings by giving them methods to use in everyday situations. And, allowing individuals to have a safe space to explore emotions and identify why they may be experiencing emotions they are feeling.

Counseling for Other Issues Veterans May Face

Certainly, veterans can develop mental health issues aside from the ones mentioned above. And, veteran counseling can also help to address the symptoms associated with these mental health issues as well. Some of the other mental health issues veterans face may include:

  • Substance abuse disorder
  • Suicidal thoughts and/or actions
  • Anger
  • Memory loss
  • Sleep issues (sleep apnea, insomnia, etc.)

Dual Diagnosis in Veterans

Dual diagnosis is the occurrence of more than one mental health issue simultaneously. It’s important to address concurring issues together, as they can affect one another. And, as only getting help with one issue can make it challenging to truly recover from another. Unfortunately, dual diagnosis is a common occurrence in veterans.

For instance, it’s common that military personnel witness traumatic situations while fighting for our freedoms. Then, come home and don’t get the support they need to work through feelings associated with these experiences, leading to the development of PTSD. Sadly, veterans may not get help for PTSD symptoms and attempt to self-medicate. Or, reach out to the VA for help and are given addictive medications to deal with chronic pain or symptoms of mental health issues. Thus, leading to the comorbid development of substance abuse disorder. For these individuals, counseling that addresses all issues is best to better understand the tools and techniques that can help in daily situations.

Veteran Counseling at Southcoast

Are you or a veteran loved one struggling with reimplementation back into society or any of the mental health issues discussed above? If so, veteran counseling is available to you at Southcoast Psychiatric Services in Boca Raton, South Florida.

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