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People take medications for a number of different mental health issues. And, while medications are helpful and effective in helping individuals manage symptoms of mental health issues, they can be dangerous if not taken correctly. This is why medication management is important. Here at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services, we offer medication management for all of our outpatient psychiatric services and patients.

What is Medication Management?

Essentially, medication management is when a physician who prescribes medications works to further center patient medications around patient needs. This involves specialist collaboration to pinpoint medication effectiveness, safety, and compliance with overall treatment goals.

What It Includes

Medication Management in Boca Raton | Southcoast Psychiatric ServicesManaging mental health medications isn’t just about making sure medications are right for patients. It’s about making sure that medications are the best solution available. And, that medications being used are done so in a safe and appropriate way. So, the managing of medications involves a combination of efforts which involve:

Patient-focused Care: Above all else, the managing of medications should be centered around the patient’s care. This includes keeping the patient in the loop of information about medication doses and what to expect. As well as identifying and addressing any of the patient’s concerns about medications.

Assessments: To ensure throughout treatment that medications are working and the right dosage is being used, assessments are included. This also allows physicians to ensure that medication is working in a safe way.

Collaboration: Management of medications doesn’t just include one opinion on the matter. It’s a collaborative effort that includes the input of the patient, physician, psychiatrist, and counselor.

Outcome-Driven: A big part of the success of managing medication is that it involves outcome-driven results. This means that patients don’t use medications unless they support the overall goal of treatment.

Medication Management at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services

Often, psychological issues may be manageable by the use of federally approved prescription medications. Here at South Coast Psychiatric Services, we offer complete medication management for each of our outpatient psychiatric patients. This way, they can receive the medications they need to live out manageable, healthy lifestyles. Contact us to learn more about our medication management services.