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Emotional Support Animal Registration Boca Raton | Southcoast Psychiatric Services

Prescriptions are a requirement for individuals to claim emotional support animals to help manage various mental health conditions. Here at South Coast Psychiatric Services, we provide emotional support animal evaluations. This service evaluates the need for emotional support animals (if any). And, provides individuals who need these animals to help manage the effects of mental health issues with the prescription they need to go about acquiring an emotional support animal.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals are animals that are used in mental health treatment for individuals who may benefit from their presence. These animals are specifically prescribed by our licensed mental health team of therapists and psychiatrists. Essentially, emotional support animals positively affect mental health treatment by offering comfort to patients and reducing the symptoms of mental health disabilities.

Some Mental Health Conditions That Make People Eligible for ESA

Certainly, individuals must qualify to receive emotional support animal evaluation and approval. Qualifications for emotional support animals include disabilities, which include mental health issues, according to qualification requirements. Therefore, there are a few mental health conditions that may make people qualified to receive approval for an emotional support animal. These mental health conditions include:

Learning Disabilities: These are issues that debilitate a person’s learning, leading to slower obtained knowledge that others of the same age-range. Learning disabilities are not physical, but they can certainly be paired with physical disabilities in some individuals.

Behavioral Disorders: People with disorders like ADD and ADHD, which are characterizable by the inability to concentrate, may be good candidates for evaluation.

Anxiety Disorders: Generalized anxiety, panic disorder, and other anxiety disorders are characterizable by periods of severe anxiety and stress. Additionally, these periods of anxiety are debilitating to an individual’s daily lifestyle.

Mood Disorders: Depression and bipolar disorders are mood disorders that are characterizable by periods of depression and sadness. Certainly, these individuals may benefit from emotional support animals and may qualify for evaluation and approval.

Mobility Issues: Specifically, those living with mobility disorders like Motor Skills Disorder may be eligible for approval. This condition is characterizable by the inability to ambulate and move normally.

Developmental Disabilities: These are conditions that include intellectual disability and other cognitive and physical disabilities developed during childhood.

What Getting Evaluation Means

To obtain legal means and benefits of emotional support animals, an ESA letter of recommendation from a licensed mental health professional is required. This prescription ensures that a person may benefit from an emotional support animal mentally and/or emotionally. Here at Southcoast, we understand the many benefits of emotional support animals and assist individuals on their journey to their emotional support animal by providing the assessment for the ESA mental health recommendation.

Once approved, with your ESA recommendation letter, you’ll be able to get your certification of approval for your animal. And begin to experience the numerous benefits of your ESA certification and emotional support animal.

Get Your ESA Evaluation from Southcoast

Think that an ESA animal would be helpful for you or a loved one? Southcoast can help you better determine if one of these animals will be successful in a treatment approach. Certainly, you can learn more about the services and programs by visiting more of our website. Moreover, if you want to talk to someone directly, give us a call to speak with one of our admissions specialists at 561-241-6628.