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Divorce doesn’t have to mean that children can’t benefit from a healthy relationship between two parents. Here at South Coast Psychiatric Services, we offer co parenting therapy to help divorced parents establish healthy methods of parenting. This way, divorced parents can learn to work together to provide for their children physically, mentally, and emotionally. And, do so in a way that’s best for everyone in the family group.

The Need for Co Parenting Therapy

Parenting with your ex can be obviously challenging. It’s hard to know what to do and what to say to make your child feel like all their needs are being met by both of their parents, even though they are no longer together. During co parenting therapy, divorced and separated parents can learn coping skills that can help during parenting. This way, your child’s or children’s needs will come before anything else.

Many people think that co-parenting counseling will be used to address personal issues between parents. But, it’s not about these issues at all – it’s about how you can cope with existing issues and still be the parents you need to be to your children in a healthy way. Surely, no one wins during a divorce or separation. But, when everyone comes together for the health and wellbeing of their family through counseling, children can still feel important to their family, regardless of the change in family structure. And, parents can still give their children a healthy family unit that is finely tuned to address any and all needs of these children.

What to Expect with CoParenting Counseling

During counseling, you’ll identify and address a number of issues that may keep you (both) from providing for the needs of your child or children. Some of these issues may include:

  • Figuring out how to make decisions about how to have your child/children living in two households. For example, schools, scheduling, sports practices and games, medical needs, and more.
  • Making decisions about the differences a child/children will experience in different households. For example, rules, bedtime routines, attending religious services and prayer, and more.
  • How parents are communicating and learning to do so in a way that’s effective, healthy, and keeps your child/children’s needs first.
  • Managing and understanding reactions between parents so communication remains positive and effective.

Giving You A Chance to Communicate in a Healthy Environment

Some ex-couples can’t imagine being near each other for more than 5 minutes, let alone figure out how to have healthy communication. But, a counseling environment allows for a more peaceful place, guided by licensed therapists, to better control communication. Therefore, allowing the conversation not to go into negative boundaries, like leading to yelling, name-calling, or blaming. And, giving each person the opportunity to learn these communication skills so they may be utilized in the future, outside the walls of therapy.

Helping You Navigate a Difficult Time in Your Life

It can be hard to know what decisions to make and how to handle parenting when you’ve just gone through a divorce. Certainly, it’s a time when emotions run high and things can be said or done rashly. But, when you have help during this transition, you can feel supported in your parenting efforts. And, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re making the best decisions for your child/children. This is because you’ll have the guidance of a licensed therapist to help show you and your ex how to address every issue you may face in the future of coparenting. Thus, giving you the foundation to provide for your child/children in the best way that you both can.

Getting Help with Co Parenting at Southcoast

Are you and your ex struggling to co parent? Are you about to get a divorce and worry about the future of coparenting in your life? If either of these questions ring true in your life, Southcoast Psychiatric Services can help. We offer a number of services, including co parenting counseling, for people who want to have healthier mindsets and live lives of better wellbeing.

To learn more about our counseling sessions and sign up for co parenting counseling, contact us on our website today or call 561-241-6628.