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If your child was recently diagnosed with ADHD, you’re probably wondering what your next step should be. It is essential for parents to know that they should not panic because ADHD can be managed. There are various treatment options – as long as you and your child are committed to the treatment. Parents should not only be involved in the child’s life but also with their therapist, teachers, doctors, coaches, ADHD or ADD treatment, and even other family members.

ADHD, like any other learning disability, can be treated with behavior therapy and different kinds of medication. This depends on the child’s age. If a child is above six years old, both behavior therapy and medication are needed, but for children below six years, behavior therapy should be tried before giving them medication. This will include close monitoring of the child’s behavior and seeing if the treatment is helping them. This will mean collaborating with their teachers and healthcare providers. It might seem hard, but proper treatment and a solid plan can easily manage ADHD.

How Does Behavior Therapy Work?

Behavior therapy is an essential part of treatment for children who have ADHD. ADHD can affect a child’s school life, academic records, and their relationship with the people around them. A child who has ADHD might cause disruptions at home and in class, and behavior therapy can be used to reduce that.

Behavior therapy is carried out so that children can strengthen their positive behavior and try to get rid of their negative qualities. This type of therapy might include the child’s parents, other children who have the same disability and even their teachers. Behavior therapy can also take place in the classroom, where the child might feel more at home.

Behavior therapy that includes parents will also include different skills that parents might need to familiarize themselves with if they want to manage their child at home in a better manner. This will lead to a deeper bond between the parents and the child because it will increase empathy between the two. Behavior therapy with other children can include teaching children positive behavior and how to act in class. The therapist may also teach the child how to express their emotions in a healthy way that won’t disrupt other students. The teacher might even do something similar in class. They may encourage learning and positive behavior by showing examples on television or by reinforcing the child’s good behavior.

Medication for ADHD and Other Learning Disabilities

If behavior therapy isn’t working and the child is getting older, you can start medicating them. Medication helps to reduce ADHD symptoms.


Stimulants are the most common ADHD medication. Around 70 to 80 percent of children with ADHD use stimulants and have seen the effects of these medications. Not only do they act instantly, but they also reduce symptoms of ADHD.


Non-stimulants might not work as instantly as stimulants, but they are known to last up to 24 hours. This medication depends solely on the child – one child may react to it in a different way than another child. Contact your doctor for the correct dosage for your child. If your child is facing severe side effects, visit your doctor, and they will change the dosage instantly.