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Our experienced therapists specialize in treating Anger Management on an individualized, couple, marriage & family basis. We are also highly skilled and successful in working with judges and probation officers to assure that our patients comply with court-ordered requirements.

Uncontrolled Anger Leads To

  • 1.8 million batteries annually
  • 40% of all homicides annually
  • 40% of all child abuse cases annually

Our Anger Management Therapy Program can break this cycle of violence with:

Behavioral Therapy – To Reduce Undesired Behaviors and Create a New Skill Set For Handling Conflict.
Sensitization Treatment – To Develop Appreciation, Acceptance, and Understanding of Other’s Needs & Rights.
Cognitive therapy – To Understand Our Own Frustrations, Dilemmas, and Emotional States.
Stress Reduction Techniques – Relaxation Therapy – Meditation Exercises
Trigger Recognition – To Prevent & Pre-empt Any Behavioral Reversals.
Medication Management – To Treat Anxiety and Depression, Which Frequently Accompany Anger and Involuntary Rage.

Everyone experiences anger. However, when a person is unable to manage anger and as a result, affects their lives and the lives of the people around them negatively, anger management counseling can help. Essentially, anger management helps people identify stressors that stimulate feelings of anger. And, how to deal with anger in a healthy, positive way.

Concurring Issues Which Accompany Anger

Often, uncontrollable and unbecoming displays of anger are a sign of other concurring mental health issues. In these situations, anger is a symptom that’s displayed as a result of underlying issues like untreated trauma, addiction, bereavement, depression, and more. As a means to control symptoms of underlying conditions, individuals may feel that displaying behaviors out of anger may provide relief.

Throughout therapy, individuals who showcase anger as a result of underlying mental health issues may identify how to retard their anger reactions. Furthermore, they may identify the root causes of their anger. This way, they may develop healthy coping mechanisms so that these bouts of anger may be more manageable.

Anger Management Therapy

The goal of anger management therapy here at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services is to offer guided steps to controlling anger on a daily basis. It provides clear, outlined objectives so patients can benefit from a goal-oriented therapy structure. Furthermore, it allows patients to develop healthy responses to anger triggers, rather than harmful ones. Thus, identifying triggers of anger and being able to become aware of what brings about unhealthy anger reactions.

Essentially, throughout these sessions, patients are able to monitor their emotional responses to different stimuli. And, therapists are able to guide patients in accepting how these responses are defense mechanisms used as a result of concurring mental health issues.

Some of the methods used in anger management counseling include:

  • Working on controlling impulses
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Self-examination
  • Writing techniques

Anger management counseling is helpful in a number of different scenarios. In many cases, individuals can benefit from using this type of therapy in congruence with others. For example, relationship counseling, affair and infidelity counseling, bereavement counseling, depression therapy, and more. Furthermore, these therapy sessions can be in either group or individual settings. Thus, they can be combined in family therapy settings to address anger issues that may impact the entire family.

Anger Management Counseling at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services

In conclusion, here at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services, we offer anger management services for individuals struggling with uncontrollable, inappropriate anger outbursts. During our therapy sessions, we’ll give you the tools you need to manage your anger. And, develop new, positive ways of expressing and experiencing your emotions. To learn more about this counseling program and the other services available at our outpatient mental health center, contact us today from our website. Or, give us a call at 561-241-6628.