Addiction Services in Boca Raton | Southcoast Psychiatric Services

Here at SouthCoast Counselors and Physicians, we offer a number of addiction services. These aim to help individuals living with substance abuse disorders of various types. While we are not necessarily a substance abuse treatment facility, we do offer appropriate medications which help individuals safely and effectively detox from addictive substances. And, can help to guide an individual’s recovery by providing various therapeutic services and counseling sessions. Overall, we strive to be a resource for healing for individuals who wish to gain a life in recovery, free from the negative impact that addiction presents.

Some of the Addiction Services Available at SouthCoast Psychiatric Services include:

  • Suboxone (MAT for opiates) treatment
  • Buprenepherine treatment
  • Dual diagnosis counseling and treatment
  • Sexual counseling
  • Gambling counseling
  • Eating/nutrition education and counseling
  • Spending counseling

The Importance of Addiction Services

More often than not, addiction is not the only mental health issue people living with substance abuse disorders face. Addiction is often the result of self-medicating pain, whether emotional or physical. But, when one self-medicates with addictive substances, there is always the chance of the development of dependence.

During support for substance abuse disorder, individuals will not only address the behaviors and thinking patterns they’ve adjusted to during active addiction, but the underlying causes of addiction as well. This gives individuals a better chance of obtaining long term recovery, as working on what really led to addiction helps to reduce the chance of relapse.

Throughout counseling, not only will individuals learn to identify reasons for addiction in their own lives, but also learn how to deal with emotional triggers in the future. This allows for the healthy processing of emotions without having to lean towards drugs or alcohol. During treatment, individuals can develop coping skills and learn to recognize whenever they may be in a situation that puts their recovery in jeopardy. This way, they can maintain sobriety and work to maintain a healthy mindset, which is beneficial to mental health.

When to Seek Help for an Addiction

It’s not always easy knowing when to get help for an addiction. But, the first step is always the hardest. Sometimes, people don’t even know they may have an issue with addiction. For these individuals, it’s important to look at your life and determine whether or not substance abuse is affecting it negatively.

People who may benefit from addiction counseling and clinical help may include people who:

  • Miss work or other responsibilities due to substance abuse
  • Have experienced financial hardship as a result of drug abuse
  • Have dealt with legal issues as the result of drug use
  • Experiences relationship issues as the result of drinking or drug use
  • Manipulates others, lie, or portrays other manipulative behaviors to acquire drugs or keep using
  • Have a disinterest in past passions or previously enjoyed activities
  • Have been neglecting their hygiene as a result of drug abuse
  • May be in denial about having a problem with drug use

Individual Treatment for Real Individuals

Here at SouthCoast, we understand that every person’s addiction experience differs. This is why it’s so important to create treatment services that are specifically designed for individual needs. While we offer a number of addiction services to address every need, we must first identify what a person’s needs may be.

So, before diving into counseling and other services, you can first expect a complete analysis through the admissions process, which helps to evaluate a person’s medical history, drug abuse history, psychological issues, and more. This way, we can offer a comprehensive treatment approach that’s specifically tailored to provide each individual in our care with the best chance of successful program completion. And, in return, successful recovery.

Get the Help you Need Today

No one can force someone who is battling an addiction to get help. But, when a person is ready to get the help they need to move on and heal from addiction, SouthCoast Psychiatric Services is here to help. Learn more about all the programs and services available at our facility. Or, if you have any questions about how you can begin, contact us today right on our website or give us a call at 561-241-6628.