How to Teach and Talk to Your Kids About Mental Health Help

School violence, social media and expectations to excel in academics and sports are just some
of the issues that youngsters are experiencing. It’s often impossible for parents to help their
children navigate those problems when they’re experiencing difficulties with those same issues.
There are a number of reasons why parents should consider a child psychiatrist for their
An increasing number of children are experiencing anxiety, depression, manic episodes, eating
disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and personality changes. A child psychiatrist can
provide a diagnosis, treatment, and help a child manage their condition, reduce stress, and
identify effective coping mechanism.
Many people equate childhood with carefree days of social activities, sports events and fun.
That’s not true for many youngsters who are pressured to excel and succeed. Social media,
bullying and fear of violence has increased significantly. Children often try to hide what they’re
feeling because they don’t want to disappoint parents, teachers or coaches.
Those elements can result in permanent changes in a child’s brain and thought processes if not
addressed by a mental health professional. A child psychiatrist is skilled in working specifically
with youngsters. He/she can help children resolve issues they’re dealing with and find effective
coping mechanisms. Each child is different and treatment is tailored to the individual.
Mental and emotional health issues can be successfully addressed through outpatient therapy.
There’s no need for hospitalization unless the child poses a danger to themselves or others.
Medications can also be prescribed if needed that can make a significant difference in a child’s
outlook, mood and behavior. Many of the most admired celebrities by youngsters regularly
engage in therapy themselves and can help a child feel more comfortable about treatment.
There’s no shame in seeking help for an emotional or psychological difficulty. All treatment is
completely confidential. Parents shouldn’t be reticent to obtain the help their child needs. It
will enable them to have a happier childhood and mature into healthy, productive and well-
adjusted adults.


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