What to Expect From the Medication Management Therapy Process

Medication management is a helpful tool for people in treatment or recovering from mental health issues. But, what is medication management therapy and why is it an important part of the mental health treatment process? Southcoast Psychiatric Services offers medication management for individuals in our outpatient care so they can feel confident and comfortable with taking prescribed medications.

What’s Medication Management Therapy and Why’s it Important?

Medication management therapy is a process by which psychiatrists can ensure mental health patients are getting the most from their medication regimen. It allows for accurate prescribing of medications, catering to any side effects, dosage adjustments if necessary, and more. Some of the things you can expect when it comes to medication management can include:

  • patient assessments on how well medications are working
  • patient and doctor discussions to tackle medication side effects
  • the monitoring of taking prescribed medications to ensure correct dosage and use
  • providing patients with information on what to expect when it comes to taking medications
  • documentation of medications to allow for the highest level of treatment care

Essentially, medication management therapy is important so that both doctors and psychiatrists can ensure that mental health patients are not only taking the best medications for their treatment but using them in a safe and effective manner. This way, patients don’t have to worry about medications they are taking and have accurate and supportive care when it comes to prescription medications for mental health.

What to Expect From Beginning With Medication Management

If you’ve never taken medications for mental health issues before, or if you have with medication management services, you may wonder what to expect when it comes to beginning this process. Initially, there will be an assessment by your doctor or psychiatrist to determine a need for medication. This includes providing the specialists in your care with accurate information about your medication and mental health history. This way, an accurate diagnosis can be made and your care staff can best determine the right medications for your treatment.

After the assessment, you will discuss with your doctor and psychiatrist what your goals for using psychiatric medications is. This includes why you feel you may need them and what you’d like to get out of their use. For example, feeling less sad, getting back to a better state of mental health, etc. This will provide your care staff with information about your mental health goals so they’re more likely to be met with medications used in your care.

Choosing a Psychiatric Specialist That Uses Medication Management Therapy

Deciding on mental health specialists to help you get through times of dealing with mental health symptoms can be overwhelming. But, choosing a facility that offers medication management therapy means that you’ll have support throughout your treatment for taking any medications which may be helpful in your treatment planning.

Southcoast Psychiatric Services is dedicated to helping individuals living with mental health conditions establish and reach mental health wellbeing goals. That’s why we offer medication management services, a useful tool in giving patients the safety, support, and information they need to correctly and effectively take psychiatric medications.