How Psychiatric Services Help Improve Communication Skills

During therapy for diagnosed mental health conditions, communication is often worked upon during sessions. This is because developing communication skills is imperative to building and repairing supportive relationships which are crucial to mental health treatment success. And, offers a number of other helpful benefits that help on the road to healing. Find out why therapy that helps to improve communication may be something that you’d like to take advantage of throughout mental health treatment.

The Importance of Good Communication

Without good communication, it can be easy to misunderstand friends and loved ones. This leads to relationship issues that could have been avoided with proper communication techniques. In order to establish and maintain healthy relationships, communication is essential.

Anyone can struggle with communication, and communication issues are not uncommon by any means. But, many individuals diagnosed with mental health issues like substance abuse, eating disorders, and others may struggle with sustaining healthy relationships. So, it’s important that these individuals work to improve communication by learning how to incorporate effective communication techniques.

One of the things that distorts communication efforts is emotion. When you’re in a conversation that’s emotionally charging, adrenaline starts pumping. Thus, stimulating your natural fight or flight response. And, leading you to impulsive responses like avoidance, anger, and saying things you might not mean. Therapy helps individuals recognize the emotions they’re feeling. This way, they can accept and analyze them so they can accurately and effectively portray what they want to say in healthy ways.

Types of Therapy That Work on Communication

A number of different types of therapy may help individuals to work on communication skills. These therapies can include both types of therapy settings; individual and group. During individual sessions, one can expect to work on identifying personal issues with communication and how they affect relationships. Then, gain knowledge on tips to better communicate in a way that addresses these personal issues. During group therapy sessions, individuals may meet with family or loved ones to address any unhealthy communication, learn about healthy communication skills, and practice these skills during sessions.

Can You Benefit From Communication Therapy?

During therapy sessions, you’ll learn about styles of communication and what yours is. This helps you better understand what others get from how you communicate. And, how to better go about communicating your needs.

Communication skills therapy may help people who:

  • Feel like people often don’t understand how they feel
  • Find it challenging to tell others what they need
  • Hide what they’re truly feeling by saying something else
  • Have been told by others that they’re “bossy”, “clingy”, “unfeeling”, or otherwise

Improve Communication With Help from Southcoast

If you feel that you can gain from improving your communication, either in general or with a specific loved one, communications skills therapy can help. We work with people to gain skills they can utilize for the rest of their lives.

Here at Southcoast, we are a full-service, comprehensive psychiatric service facility. This approach to mental health care allows us to provide individual-specific care for each patient. Find out more about our individual treatment planning and a wide range of services right on our website. And, give us a call today to learn more about communication skills therapy at 561-241-6628.