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Fear is the body’s natural response to physical danger. Unfortunately, fear can also overwhelm the mind, whether it’s real or imagined. You may find yourself frozen and unable to make effective decisions due to that fear. Others seem to thrive on the emotion and engage in activities such as extreme sports.

It’s important that you identify the fears that are holding you back in your personal or professional life. The same emotional state that arouses fear can be used as a force for forward momentum. It’s crucial that you find the cause of the fear that’s interfering with your success and happiness.

Fear of Failure

This is a common issue for many people even the most highly successful. That feeling can keep you from advancing in your career or making personal commitments. Fear of failure closes the door to opportunities, allows you to risk nothing, and stay within your comfort zone. It keeps people in detrimental relationships, jobs they hate, and prevents them from attaining their goals.

Not Good Enough

You’d probably be surprised to learn that many highly popular and successful celebrities suffer from a fear of not being good enough and being a fraud in their profession. Even with decades of success, they feel inferior to their peers. It stems from a lack of confidence. That mindset places you in a holding pattern, hoping that others will notice your efforts, when you need to advocate for yourself and your worth.


A feeling of uncertainty can be your friend. It helps you make fact-based decisions. Everyone has a voice in their head that provides positive or negative feedback. It’s easy to listen to negative messages, even when they’re not true.

Every action, or lack thereof, has a reaction. Some refer to it as the law of cause and effect, while others rely on the old adage “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” There are some things you can control and some you can’t. Identifying the issues that are holding you back allows you to overcome those challenges.

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