How Family Based Therapy During Addiction Treatment Can Help

There are dozens of reasons why people of all ages experience stress and anxiety, but many
confuse the two. Stress can trigger anxiety, but it’s not the cause. Anxiety can occur, even when
no stressors are present, resulting in a panic attack that can be mild to severe, depending on
the person.
 Stress produces symptoms that include difficulty sleeping, concentrating, feeling
irritable or angry, and digestive upsets.
 Anxiety can manifest as a general feeling or nervousness or dread, social anxiety,
obsessive-compulsive behavior, outright panic, and post-traumatic stress disorder
Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the U.S. and can result in physical
symptoms that include feeling nervous or helpless, sweating, chills, feeling faint, difficulty
breathing, and chest pain. Symptoms typically occur abruptly and peak within approximately 10
minutes. Anxiety doesn’t abate, even when there’s no stressor present.
Talking with a mental health professional is one of the most beneficial steps a person can take.
Individuals can learn what triggers their anxiety, strategies to mitigate it, and ways to manage
Physical Activity
The brain releases endorphins that make people feel good when they’re engaging in physical
pursuits. Activity can range from walking and yoga to gardening or time at the gym.
Relaxation Techniques
Individuals can learn and utilize a variety of relaxation methods to calm anxiety. They can
encompass beathing techniques, visualization and muscle relaxation.
Adequate Sleep
There’s a direct link between insufficient sleep and an increase in anxiety. Lack of sleep can
increase anxiety by up to 30 percent.
Healthy Habits
That means reducing alcohol, caffeine and nicotine consumption, along with eliminating
recreational drugs. Healthy eating habits are also important.
Connect Socially

People tend to isolate themselves in an effort to alleviate anxiety and situations that could
potentially trigger an anxiety attack. Socializing releases a hormone that decreases anxiety and
helps people focus their energy outward rather than inward.

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