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People are under more pressure to be productive than ever before. They’re expected to be on call for work 24/7, manage their household, tend to social responsibilities, volunteer, and maintain family duties. It’s resulting in burnout in all areas of their life. Sessions with a licensed therapist can help individuals find a work-life balance for health and wellbeing.

Those with an undesirable work-life balance often find it difficult to get all their tasks accomplished each day. They may bring work home and cancel plans to accommodate previous obligations. They tend to be short-tempered, suffer from tension headaches, and experience stomach and digestive issues.

No one wants to say no to their family or charitable endeavors. Many people feel their job will be in jeopardy if they refuse extra duties, even if its to the detriment of their health. Setting limits and boundaries are critical skills. A therapist can help individuals evaluate their priorities, set life and career goals, schedule their time more effectively, and how to ask for help when they need it.

Individuals with a good work-life balance know how to say no to excessive demands on their time. They’re happier, healthier and more productive. Everyone needs time for rest and relaxation. It’s essential for the body’s immune system, cognitive abilities and mental wellbeing.

A mind and body that’s under constant stress releases fight or flight hormones that increases blood pressure and heart rate, suppresses the digestive process, changes mood, and alters the immune system. It makes individuals more susceptible to pain, weight gain, sleep problems and a variety of diseases.

A therapist can help people know their value and learn how to set practical limits and boundaries on their time. Therapy will assist individuals in evaluating their job and finances, find more enjoyment in their work, have more family time, and understand what’s most important to them. They’ll be able to clearly delineate work life and personal life.

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