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There’s always a certain amount of trepidation surrounding the search for a mental health therapist. That’s a perfectly valid feeling. All therapists are highly trained professionals, but there are other elements at work when seeking mental health services. There are several criteria to which you should pay attention and will be indicators that you’ve located the right therapist.

He/She Really Listens

Almost everyone has encountered a physician who doesn’t pay attention or discounts what the patient is telling them. The right therapist really listens to what you’re saying.

Part of that is knowing when to offer suggestions and when to just listen. You’ll want someone that does more than offer a list of things to do with no direction.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re in a TV Show

TV programs follow a script, full of standard phrases with no substance. If you find a therapist repeating those same scripted lines you’ve heard on TV, he/she isn’t right for you.

You and Your Feelings are Validated

The right therapist will accept that you’re feeling what you say you’re feeling. The therapist will be curious and interested about your life, concerns and goals.

You Feel Safe

For therapy to be effective, you need to feel safe revealing your feelings and outlining your struggles. Find a new therapist if he/she spends time pointing out your flaws or makes you feel broken.

Homework and Comfort Zones

Therapy often includes more than simply talking about your concerns. You’ll likely receive tasks to complete that you’ll address at the next session. The therapist will not push you out of your comfort zone before you’re ready.

The Therapist Relationship

You’ll obviously want a good working relationship with your therapist. Beware of therapists that spend time trying to convince you they’re your friend. You can get advice and opinions from any friend or family member. You’re seeing a therapist for their expertise.

You Feel Better After a Session

You should definitely feel better after a session with a therapist. Even a session that’s difficult for you should leave you feeling better when you leave the office. You’ll know you’ve found the right therapist when the day looks brighter and you feel like you’re making progress.


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