What is Reality Therapy and What are its Benefits?

Many people feel like they have little control over their life and the pandemic intensified those feelings. Loss of control, isolation, fear, anxiety and depression were all major components. In doing what they perceive as taking back their power, an increasing number of individuals are demonstrating behaviors that are antithetical to what they hope to achieve.

Counseling can help people grow emotionally, mentally and empower them in multiple ways. Individuals will learn to advocate for themselves in a positive way and control their behavior to accomplish their goals.

Through counseling, individuals learn to set priorities, create boundaries, and believe in themselves. Just as children rebel at being told what to do, adults also need to feel like they have some control in their lives. People that feel in control have an increased sense of wellbeing and are able to make positive life changes.

Address Strong Emotions

Counseling is an effective way for people to work through worry, confusion, anxiety, and find direction in their personal and professional life. The ability for an individual to recognize what they’re feeling, control themselves, express strong emotions in an acceptable manner, and regulate their response are critical life skills. Counseling helps people find ways to do those things.

Better Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is a hallmark of empowerment. It supports self-confidence. Empowered people feel heard, seen and understood. Counseling can help people find their voice for advocacy. Empowered communication mitigates the potential for misunderstandings.

Effective Time Usage

Time is at a premium in today’s society and the lines between work and personal life are detrimentally blurred. Through counseling, individuals will learn to utilize their time more effectively, efficiently, and delegate when possible, which in turn empowers others.

When to Ask for Help

Everyone needs help now and then, but most don’t ask for it. They fear being perceived as weak or lacking in some way. Clearly communicating the need for help in increasingly overwhelming work environments demonstrates strength. The same is true with family and friends.

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