Just trying to get into the college of their choice is stressful for young people. They don’t understand the ramifications of costs, repaying loans, or choosing the best institution for their career goals. College preparation encompasses more than achieving high marks on the ACT, SAT or the AP. There are a number of things parents can do to help their child navigate college life, along with things they shouldn’t do.

No Pressure College Choice

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is pressuring their child to attend where they matriculated, a college they wish they had attended, or a university with a prestigious name. Let them choose the institution of higher learning for themselves after they’re equipped with all the facts. There are other ways parents can help.

Don’t Make Comparisons

The decision to attend college isn’t an opportunity to impress family, friends or the neighbors. It just places additional stress and pressure on the child. Don’t compare your child with others.

Financial Considerations and Options

College is an expensive endeavor and repaying student debt is harder than ever. There are dozens of financial aid options, grants and loans available. Be honest about financial considerations, the family’s finances, and affordability. Parents have more experience in the world of finance and can help their child evaluate each choice. Repaying $100,000 in loans is extremely difficult in an entry level job that only pays $20,000 or $30,000 per year. Have a conversation about how location will affect costs, visits home or a medical emergency.

Find the Best Fit

Every child has his or her own education and career path to follow. They have their own set of interests, desires and passions. The object is to find the college that best fits their needs. Parents can play a major role in helping their child evaluate their academic options. Have a serious conversation about career opportunities and if a specific institution with further their child’s career path. Take a virtual tour if an in-person visit isn’t feasible.

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