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Puberty used to be defined by the physical changes a child undergoes. Little attention was paid to the intense emotional and mental shifts that take place. It’s now understood that counseling can be of enormous help in assisting young people navigate issues ranging from body image and peer pressure to the unique challenges of social media. A mental health expert can help your child navigate the uncharted territory of puberty.

When it Begins

Puberty typically begins anywhere between 8 and 14 years of age. The emotions and feelings they’re experiencing seem more intense, can be highly confusing, and youths can feel overwhelmed. Adolescents have emotional needs that they’ll usually never talk to you about no matter how close the relationship.

Youngsters may also begin to pull away from you and their siblings emotionally. You may not even be aware of the turmoil that your child is experiencing. Instead, adolescents will communicate with their friends, which can result in misinformation and bad decision making, since their peers are experiencing the same things.

Youngsters can be anxious, stressed and depressed. Their brains are still developing and impulse control is lacking. It’s often difficult for parents to have uncomfortable conversations with their child. The issues and challenges facing adolescents going through puberty are far different than those you encountered during puberty.

How Counseling Can Help

Children going through puberty often feel conflicted, confused and that no one truly understands them. Counseling helps youngsters feel calmer and more like their normal self. Therapy can teach them breathing techniques for self-calming. Those techniques are beneficial for helping adolescents manage and cope with any number of stressors throughout their lifetime and successfully weather major changes.

Counseling helps adolescents gain a better understanding of themselves, feel more balanced, and aids in goal setting. A mental health expert is able to help your child manage the desire for exploring unsafe or risky activities and behaviors. Speaking with a mental health professional assists youngsters going through puberty develop critical reasoning skills.


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