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How do Psychiatry Services Help With Mental Health Issues?

People can participate in group counseling sessions or one-on-one therapy. Depending on the
issues that an individual is dealing with and other factors as determined by their mental
healthcare expert, group counseling may be combined with individual sessions.
One-on-One Therapy
One-on-one therapy is conducted with one therapist and one person. The therapist helps the
individual work through a variety of emotions, thoughts, adverse behaviors, and situations that
are causing them distress. It’s also effective for those with substance abuse problems.
Individuals work on discovering the root of their issues, how to recognize triggers, and learning
coping mechanisms. It’s especially beneficial for formulating an individualized treatment
Individual therapy can progress as quickly or slowly as needed. Scheduling is flexible, but one-
on-one therapy is more costly. Individuals can talk about anything, knowing their thoughts,
words and deeds will remain completely confidential. With individual therapy, people gain
better insights into themselves and tools to help them.
Group Counseling
Group counseling is comprised of one or more therapists and a small group of people, usually
between 5 to 15, with similar issues. Multiple people are treated at the same time. Engaging in
group counseling enables individuals to understand they’re not alone in their struggles.
Participants in group therapy can draw strength, understanding and strategies for dealing with
a wide range of issues from others in the group. Validation by others in similar situations is an
important aspect of group counseling. Individuals help themselves while helping others.
Information disclosed by participants is maintained confidentially and only first names or initials
are used to protect identities. Group counseling is often utilized as an adjunct to individual
therapy or following in-patient treatment. Individuals with substance abuse and/or mental
health issues can be treated in group sessions.
There is different type of group counseling sessions. Some have a primary focus on education,
while others teach skill development or concentrate on behavioral issues. Some groups address
interpersonal relationships and still others function as support groups.

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