Dealing With Grief During the Holidays - How to Get Through

Grieving doesn’t just cease just because the holidays are right around the corner. The pain of losing a loved one is something that’s ongoing. So, the holidays can be a time of conflicted emotions for people who are grieving. While grief is something that eases its grip as time passes, the holidays are not a cure for those struggling with these emotions. Grief during the holidays can be challenging to overcome. And, may even keep people from enjoying holiday traditions and moments with family and friends. However, there are some coping strategies that people who are experiencing grief during the holidays can use to get through this time.

Setting Boundaries for Holiday Gatherings and Events

One of the ways to cope with grief around the holidays is to set healthy boundaries. This means not forcing yourself to do anything you don’t want or doing things when you don’t feel the best. Remember, you don’t have to feel bad about not meeting the expectations of others. So, while you can tell your loved ones that you want to attend gatherings and events, you are not obligated to go if you don’t want to when the moment strikes. Another thing you can do to help set boundaries with what others expect of you is to remind friends and family that you may still need time to adjust and that even if you are planning on attending gatherings and events, you may still not be able to come. This will give your loved ones a better idea of what to expect of you this holiday season.

Don’t Shy Away From Diving Into Memories and Traditions

It can be challenging to want to continue with holiday traditions that a passed loved one may have been a part of. But, part of grieving is to accept that life continues and remember the loved one or loved ones you have lost. A great way to remember the loved one you’ve lost is to keep up with holiday traditions that they helped to keep alive. And, talking about or thinking about memories you have of your loved ones during the holiday. One thing’s for sure; your lost loved one doesn’t want you or your family to not enjoy the holiday traditions you have kept alive for so many years. Or, keep from celebrating the holiday season. But, by remembering your loved ones and continuing with holiday traditions, you can keep them a part of your holiday season and experience the feelings you have associated with their memories.

Remember That It’s Okay to Experience All of Your Emotions

The process of grieving takes longer for those who shy away from experiencing their emotions. Certainly, the holidays can bring about more intense feelings of both grief and joy. So, embrace these emotions – even though it can be hard. Remember that every emotion that you’re experiencing is one that is human. And, that there’s nothing wrong with how or what you feel. Also, keep in mind that it’s okay to have conflicting emotions that are both positive and negative. When we deal with what we’re feeling head-on, we can better understand where we are in the process of grieving and keep bottled-up emotions from becoming a bigger issue down the road.

Getting Help for Grief After the Loss of a Loved One During the Holidays

Are you having a hard time dealing with grief during the holiday season? Getting help for grieving and experiencing the emotions you need to move on can be hard. But, having support and professional assistance in your time of grief may be what you need to learn how to cope with grief. Southcoast Psychiatric Services offers counseling services to people who are struggling with the loss of a loved one. Find out more about how we offer people like you with the support and assistance they need.