Addressing the Issues that Come as we Age With Geriatric Counseling

Mental health issues don’t dissipate once we start aging. That’s why geriatric counseling is a helpful tool for elderly individuals dealing with various mental health symptoms. Furthermore, getting older can bring about its own set of mental health problems, and it’s important to address these so that elderly individuals may live out healthy and productive lives. Find out the importance of counseling for aging individuals and if it’s something that you or a loved one should benefit from in your lives.

Challenges Elderly Individuals May Face That Counseling can Help to Face

Elderly individuals can experience any of the mental health symptoms brought about by mental health disorders that people of any age may face. But, they can also be dealing with mental health symptoms specifically brought on by age-related issues. Some of the things older individuals may be dealing with that counseling can help to face and overcome can include:

  • the transition from home life to an assisted living or retirement facility
  • losing spouses, friends, and other loved ones
  • impaired abilities brought on by disease, injury, or age
  • a reduction in independence and the transition into the need for assistance
  • isolation and loneliness

Dealing with the above issues as we age can bring about a number of psychological symptoms. For example, a decrease in the ability or even want to communicate with others. Counseling can help aging people identify their issues, focus on accepting these issues and how they change their lives, and offer helpful solutions.

Counseling can Help Aging Individuals Identify Their Value

One of the most challenging aspects of aging is the feeling that one’s values or opinions are depreciating. Thus, leading to aging individuals feeling that their voices are unnecessary or unwanted. And, stimulating the development of noncommunication in elderly individuals. Counseling can help individuals verify the value of their opinions and communication. Therefore, giving them back their voice in order to speak up for themselves when it comes to care, problems, and concerns.

Geriatric Counseling Can Help People Learn the Importance of Mindfulness

Almost anyone who is dealing with mental health issues, no matter what their age, can benefit from mindfulness. Essentially, mindfulness is the idea that we’re always in the present moment. This helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, and much of these emotions stem from worrying about the past or the future. Counseling can help aging individuals understand and practice mindfulness in order to control feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety. Thus, giving them a higher quality of life and mental health wellbeing.

Gaining New Interests and Encouraging Connections With Geriatric Counseling

Counseling for older individuals can help to encourage a change in behavior, including adopting new hobbies and meeting new people. No matter how old we are, it’s important to establish supportive relationships in order for us to remain positive and hopeful. However, as we age, it can seem more difficult to maintain relationships or even tend to hobbies or interests. Counseling can help people see the importance of interests and relationships in their lives. And, even give us ideas for how to implement these passions or new relationships into our daily routines.

Getting Help With Geriatric Counseling at Southcoast Psychiatric Services

Southcoast is an outpatient mental health facility that helps individuals of all ages dealing with symptoms of mental health issues get the help and counseling they need to live out lives of wellbeing. If you or an elderly individual you know is dealing with mental health difficulties, geriatric counseling can help. Speak with us today confidentially to find out more about our counseling services and getting you the support you need.