How do Psychiatry Services Help With Mental Health Issues?

Eating disorders aren’t just a mental health concern. They have serious physical health consequences and can even be fatal. Eating disorders prevent people from obtaining critical nutrition that affects the brain and body. Holidays and events centered around eating can be particularly stressful for those with an eating disorder.

Most Common

There are several types of eating disorders, but the 3 that individuals are most aware of are:

  • Anorexia nervosa, characterized by extreme weight loss
  • Bulimia nervosa, in which secretive eating may occur, followed by self-induced vomiting
  • Binge eating, involving excessive eating

They all involve being overly focused on weight, body shape and food. The disorders have dangerous eating behaviors

Professional Help is Critical

Treatment of an eating disorder requires professional intervention. A treatment plan will typically include psychotherapy, medication, nutritional counseling, and medical monitoring. The goals are to attain a healthy weight, ensure adequate nutrition and developing healthy eating habits. A therapist can help individuals understand underlying psychological issues, aid in changing behaviors, and improving self-esteem.

New Research

Once thought to be purely psychological in nature, new research is providing greater insight. Eating disorders are complex and involve an interaction of factors that can include:

  • Genetics
  • Biological
  • Behavioral
  • Psychological
  • Social

Increased Risk

The disorders affect people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background. However, there are some populations that are at a greater risk than others. They include members of the LGBTQ and transgender community, girls, women, athletes, and those with low self-esteem or negative body image.

Societal Influences

According to researchers, much of the underlying cause for eating disorders can be traced to issues within society. The search for an eternally youthful visage, an unrealistic representation of the human body in fashion and social media, and bullying of individuals that don’t fit those parameters are all involved. They’re just some of the issues within society that individuals must contend. It also encompasses prejudice against certain populations and those of specific income levels. No matter the motivating factor, it requires professional therapy to be treated effectively.


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