Children can experience anxiety about a wide variety of things connected with school and they may or may not verbalize that to you. The first thing for parents to understand is that a certain amount of anxiety is normal and many things can be stressful. Some of the reasons for anxiety can include:

  • Starting a new school
  • Transitioning from grade school to junior high
  • Being away from you for the first time
  • Their new teacher
  • If they’ll have friends
  • Riding the bus

Explore Your Own Feelings

Examine how you feel about your child going back to school – or to school for the first time.

Youngsters can tell when you’re nervous about school. You may unconsciously be transmitting your own fears to your student.

If your child comes to you with worries, make an effort to be calm as you discuss their concerns.

Sometimes They Just Want Someone to Listen

Even if your child isn’t feeling anxious, playmates may be stressed and share their fears with your child. They may just want you to listen. Your response will be important for how they respond to their friends’ fears and any of their own.

Attend an Open House

Most schools conduct an open house prior to the day school begins. Many children are nervous about their new teacher or the school itself. An open house is an excellent opportunity for your child to meet his or her teacher and to learn where their classroom(s) are located. It’s also beneficial for allying any anxiety you may have and a chance for you to ask questions.

When to Seek Mental Health Support

Some children continue to experience anxiety into the school year. They may develop physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, or even refuse to go to school at all. A mental health professional can help discover why your child is struggling, if there are any special challenges they’re facing, or even if they’re the target of bullying. Your child will also learn skills to help them cope with any problems they encounter.


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