Do I Have Adult ADHD? Here’s How to Tell

Are you having trouble concentrating and staying focused on tasks? Are things coming up missing or are you putting off things that take up too much mental effort? If so, you may be wondering, “Do I have adult ADHD?”

Being able to identify the symptoms of adult ADHD can help individuals living with this rare condition get the help they need. And, manage the symptoms of ADHD in their own lives.

What is ADHD? Identifying What Adult ADHD Really Is

ADHD is characterized by symptoms of impulsivity, distraction, and excitedness. To be determined that a person has ADHD, these symptoms must be determined as persistent. And, it must also be determined that these symptoms are negatively impacting the individual’s lifestyle and responsibilities.

Some of the specific and characterizing symptoms of ADHD may include:

  • Having trouble with concentration
  • Losing items often
  • Inability to pay close attention to detail
  • Difficulty staying still, sitting for long periods of time, and listening (interrupting, losing focus, etc.)
  • Feeling restless
  • Being impulsive
  • Trouble with being quiet when completing tasks
  • Having trouble waiting for a turn to speak, stand in line, etc.
  • Fidgeting with fingers, hands, feet, etc.
  • Being forgetful with fulfilling daily tasks
  • Inability to manage time successfully
  • Having trouble with organization

If you’re experiencing some or even all of the above symptoms of ADHD, you still may not receive a diagnosis. ADHD is most commonly identifiable during childhood. So, most people with ADHD get a diagnosis in their childhood years. But, it is possible to get a diagnosis for ADHD in adulthood, which is known as adult ADHD. However, these diagnoses are only made if it’s determined that symptoms have disrupted an individual’s life negatively. Therefore, diagnoses for adult ADHD are rare, and symptoms of other issues may be confused for ADHD symptoms.

Other Issues That Cause the Same Symptoms of Adult ADHD

If you’re feeling restless, having trouble finishing tasks, and having trouble focusing, it may not be ADHD. High levels of stress can lead to the exhausting of crucial brain functions that are responsible for mood regulation, information retention and processing, decreased motivation, and attentiveness. So, if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms of ADHD lately but haven’t been dealing with these symptoms consistently throughout your entire life, it could be due to stress.

Stress management with counseling is effective in helping to manage the symptoms of stress. And, gives people living with high levels of stress the tools to maintain healthy thinking patterns, utilize coping skills, and more.

Still Wondering, “Do I Have Adult ADHD?”

If you’re experiencing symptoms of adult ADHD and don’t think they may be due to underlying issues like stress, there is help available. At Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we offer ADHD counseling and treatment for individuals diagnosed with adult ADHD. Plus, assessment services for individuals who may not already have a diagnosis.

Learn more about our ADHD treatment services and other offerings at our South Florida psychiatric facility. And, contact us today on our website or by calling 561-241-6628.