Dealing With Infidelity: Can Relationship Counseling Help?

Dealing with infidelity within a marriage or relationship is one of the most challenging things a relationship can face. However, while difficult, it is possible for those who want to retain their intimate relationships after infidelity can do so successfully. A great tool for individuals struggling with infidelity is to reach out for professional assistance by means of counseling. Specifically, relationship counseling can help individuals dealing with this issue to face it, accept it, and move forward with a healthy relationship using helpful tools and coping mechanisms.

Dealing with Infidelity and Accepting the Need for Counseling

‘Cheating’ is a subjective term that means different things to different couples. However, no matter the case, if one individual in a relationship considers a situation as infidelity, the relationship faces challenges, regardless of if the other person necessarily deems their actions as cheating. It’s important for individuals in relationships to understand their partner’s terms and understanding when it comes to cheating. This way, boundaries are not crossed intentionally.

However, even if these ‘relationship contracts’, or understandings about infidelity are known and understood by all parties, infidelity can still happen. When it does, individuals involved in these relationships must determine whether or not they want to salvage the relationship or move on. In either case, counseling may help. But, specifically, if the parties agree that they want to move past their challenges with infidelity and retain a relationship, healing must take place. One way to move forward after infidelity is to face the issue with infidelity counseling.

It’s suggested that individuals involved in disloyal intimate relationships receive counseling on an individual basis. This way, each person is heard and understood by a therapist to address their specific needs. And, individual measures are taken to accept feelings that may differ between individuals in a relationship. But, in addition to individual counseling, relationship counseling may also be suggested in order to overcome issues as a team. And, develop necessary skills for setting boundaries, communicating in healthy ways, and abstaining from disloyal behaviors.

The Effects of Infidelity

Undoubtedly, dealing with infidelity within a marriage or relationship can bring about a number of ill effects. Without addressing the issue, both individuals in a relationship can experience negative effects including:

  • low self-esteem and self-image
  • anxiety, stress, and depression
  • feelings of shame, guilt, and hopelessness
  • bouts of anger and irritability
  • development of PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Help for Relationships Dealing With Infidelity

If you and your loved one are dealing with infidelity and want to keep your marriage or relationship together, counseling is helpful in addressing the issue and curbing unwanted behaviors. Here at Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we offer both individual and family counseling services for those dealing with infidelity. If you have any questions about our offerings or services, please visit our website or give us a call at 561-241-6628.