Combating Communication Issues With Counseling

Anger has a time and place, but should be expressed in an assertive rather than aggressive way
that’s not hurtful to others. Many individuals automatically default to aggressiveness.
Uncontrolled anger damages personal and professional relationships. It can result in a variety of
health issues and very unwelcome consequences. If you don’t learn how to control your anger,
it effectively controls you.
Anger is tied to the fight or flight response. The goal is to learn techniques to control the
emotional and physiological responses that uncontrolled anger causes. There’s no way to
eliminate people or situation that make you angry. The solution is control.
Think First
Before blurting out something that will hurt others, escalate the situation, or result in others
shutting down, take a few moments to gather your thoughts.
It’s essential to express your frustration or anger in a non-confrontational way. You can state
your concerns without hurting someone else through words or actions – or by trying to control
them and their response. Instead of saying “You make me angry when…” say “I get angry
when…” It’s also important not to hold a grudge. It serves no purpose and is damaging to
yourself and others.
Stress Relief
Pent up anxiety and stress can manifest as anger. It can be helpful to engage in exercise or
other pleasurable activities. Don’t hesitate to take a short time-out prior to situations that you
know cause you stress.
Find a relaxation technique that works for you. There are many from which to choose. Humor
can be very effective in dealing with frustration and anger. Finding humor can be difficult in the
moment – just be sure it’s not sarcasm.
You Can’t Control Everything
Don’t focus on what made you angry. Understand that some things are completely out of your
control. You can’t change people that are habitually late, for example. If the messiness of your
partner’s man cave offends you, shut the door.

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