5 Signs You May Benefit From Couples and Family Therapy

If you’re searching for answers about how to help your family and stumbled upon this publishing, you may be wondering about family therapy. For many, therapy is a last-ditch effort to repairing familiar and romantic relationships. But, in all reality, therapy is not a cure-all. It’s a tool that, if families are open to use, can help to implement boundaries, healthy communication, and respect into the family unit. So, it’s something that can be beneficial in a number of ways to families of all shapes and sizes with issues of all kinds. But, is couples and family therapy something that can help you?

In this article, we’ll go over 5 different scenarios in which families or couples can benefit from family therapy sessions. This way, you can better determine whether or not this helpful service may be of benefit to you and your loved ones.

Your Family Has an Imbalance of Authority

Parents should be the authoritative figures of a family. As such, they should lead their children in a way that stimulates their individual growth and development. When there’s an imbalance of authority in a family, children may develop behavioral issues. So, if your family is dealing with not understanding who is the authoritative power and decision-making, family therapy may help.

Your Family or Children Experience Dependency Issues

Dependence issues can come about for a number of reasons. One example is a child who may not have gotten the chance to become his or her own individual. This is often due to the unrealistic expectations of parents. When a child isn’t able to feel, think, or believe for themselves, this can lead to dependency and boundary problems in other relationships. During family therapy, families can work to identify unrealistic expectations. And, determine healthy boundaries so each person can be respected according to his or her needs.

Your Family is Experiencing Unhealthy Alliances

When two members of a family bond, many times, other family members may feel pushed aside. This specifically occurs when a parent and child may be close and omit the other parent. And, when a parent relies on their child for emotional support and stability, rather than the other parents. Family therapy can help families who are experiencing unhealthy alliances to address underlying issues. And, assist with working to make the outcast family member feel respected and accepted.

Your Family Isn’t Communicating Effectively

5 Signs You May Benefit From Couples and Family TherapyCommunication issues are one of the most easily recognizable family issues. There are many reasons a family may not be effectively communicating. Some of these reasons can include differing opinions, mental health issues, misunderstanding one another, evasiveness, poor listening abilities, and more. During family therapy sessions, families can work to understand why they may not be communicating effectively. And, determine the skills needed to effectively communicate in healthy ways.

Your Family Has Experienced Trauma

Trauma is something that can tear relationships apart as it brings about a number of difficult emotions. A traumatic event can include a number of things. Some examples of trauma include experiencing a natural disaster, the death of a loved one, being the victim of a crime, substance/emotional/sexual abuse, divorce, and more. While some families may have one individual who may have experienced the traumatic event, other families may have experienced trauma jointly. In either case, family therapy can help individuals who’ve experienced trauma to address the effects of trauma in their lives. And, families affected by trauma to learn how to respect boundaries, maintain healthy communication, and cope with the effects of trauma.

Family and Couples Therapy at South Coast Psychiatric Services

If your family or relationship is experiencing any of the 5 scenarios mentioned above, family and couples therapy may help. Here at South Coast, we’re committed to offering compassionate, comprehensive services for families struggling with all kinds of issues.

Learn more about our mental health services and specialties. And, contact us today so we can learn more about how we may help your family overcome the issues you’re facing.