Can I Really Tell a Therapist About My Substance Abuse Issues?

The traditional advice for people experiencing negative feelings, turmoil and emotionally charged issues is to calm down, relax and be reasonable. It usually has the opposite effect. Sometimes people just need to vent, be heard, and find acceptance. That doesn’t mean screaming or throwing things about. Venting to a counselor can be incredibly cathartic.

Counseling is an excellent alternative to having a melt down at an inappropriate time for multiple reasons. Being able to express feelings such as anger, anxiety, frustration, resentment, and jealousy is a way for individuals to treat themselves to some self-care.


Nothing an individual says to a counselor will be shared with others. Family members and coworkers may commiserate with an individual, but there’s always the very real possibility that the conversation may accidently or deliberately be leaked or overheard.

No Judgement

A counselor may ask a client questions, but they won’t ridicule or make judgement calls on the validity of the individual’s feelings or emotions. A professional can make suggestions about ways to cope with and manage the feelings that people and situations create.


Counselors are people, too, subject to the same emotions, stresses and responses as their clients. They’re empathetic and understanding. It’s comforting for individuals to know that they’re not alone.


Venting to a counselor is also an opportunity for individuals to engage in some self-exploration. There may be certain people or situations that trigger a negative response. A counselor can help individuals recognize those flash points and why they occur.

Personal Acceptance

Venting to a counselor can help individuals arrive at greater self-acceptance and better self-esteem. It creates a type of social connection that everyone craves.

Physical Health

When people keep stress and negative emotions bottled up it’s detrimental to their emotional and psychological health, but it also impacts their physical health in a variety of ways.

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