Some Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Holidays in which family typically join together can be especially stressful. The thought of spending – or not spending – time with family can create a considerable amount of anxiety and stress. Many are opting for a Friendsgiving celebration instead. It’s a perfectly acceptable and enjoyable way to give thanks.

Reasons for a Friends giving

There are many reasons why you might choose a Friends giving. You may not be on good terms with family, be unable to travel, can’t arrive in an expedient time frame, or afford it financially. Friends and even co-workers can feel more like family and be more supportive. Friends giving has become a tradition in its own right since it began in 2007.

Some Topics are Off Limits

A number of personal topics should never be discussed outside of a therapist’s office, but many family members don’t respect those boundaries. With a Friends giving, there are no awkward and uncomfortable questions about marriage, children, breakups, or career choices. You won’t have to deal with Inflammatory topics such as religion, politics, money or gender identity, all of which are arguments waiting to happen.

Celebrate with One or More

There’s no limit on how many people can be involved in a Friends giving. You can celebrate with your best friend or a group of any size. It can be held in your home or in a restaurant. However, don’t be surprised if some of those invited decline. Some feel obligated to attend a family gathering, even if they anticipate feeling miserable.

Spirit of the Season

Friends giving is a time to give thanks and spend time with the “family” of your choosing. It will make you feel good and alleviate stress. You’d be surprised how many people dread spending a traditional Thanksgiving with their relatives. By inviting others that may not be enthusiastic about spending time with their family, you’ll also be sharing the spirit of the season with others.


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