Can Your Relationships Benefit from Communication Skills Therapy?

Do you think better communication could be something that can benefit your relationships? Communication skills therapy is a type of therapy approach that involves teaching individuals effective communication techniques. This way, they can avoid the effects of miscommunication and noncommunication and take advantage of what effective communication can offer to relationships.

Here at Southcoast Psychiatric Services, we offer a number of therapeutic services intended to give individuals the skills they need to overcome mental health, familial, and relationship issues. This includes allowing individuals who may benefit the chance to engage in communication therapy sessions. Find out if this type of counseling approach may be a helpful part in managing and maintaining health in your relationships.

Communication Skills You’ll Learn During Communication Counseling

During therapy sessions meant to address communication and instill new communication skills, there are a few things you’ll learn. Some of these things can include how to:

  • get away from arguing about small things
  • communicate in a way that brings passion and connection back into intimate relationships
  • use effective communication techniques to address challenging topics and conversations
  • communicate in a way that makes your loved ones feel seen and heard
  • understand and utilize various communication styles
  • identify and address negative communication patterns in relationships

Communication skills can be helpful for use in all relationships. So, if you can benefit from learning what communication skills counseling can teach, it may be something you want to consider utilizing.

Other Helpful Communication Techniques

Along with learning communication skills that can help to build trust and address issues in relationships, communication therapy sessions will also go over other helpful techniques. This way, individuals are given the best chance to implement these skills into their own lives. And, benefit from all that using healthy communication skills allows for in their lives and relationships. Some of the additional communication techniques which are explained and practiced throughout communication skills therapy can include:

Active Listening: More than just listening when others talk, active listening involves being alert, attentive, and interested when others speak. And, truly seeking to understand what a person is saying before forming a response. This also includes practicing normal, effective communication techniques. For example, making eye contact, nodding to show understanding, the use of facial expressions, etc.

Being in the Present: Being present when someone is communicating with you is essential to show that person that you are attempting to understand their experiences, feelings, and thoughts. This means focusing on the conversation at hand and staying in the present moment without any distractions. Distractions can include searching through a smartphone while someone is talking or frequently checking the clock.

Questioning: Asking questions of a person who is communicating with you not only shows interest in the conversation but also that you are paying attention. For example, asking follow-up questions about something a person already said can show that you are both paying attention and care about what is being said. Thus, that you care about them as well.

Clarification: Summarizing what someone is saying to you can help to clarify and reduce the chance of misunderstanding. This is especially important when you are trying to understand the point a person is trying to make or express feelings.

Being Concise: Being able to communicate clearly allows for the further prevention of misunderstanding. Direct communication can also help with preventing misinterpretation of what a person may want or need. Thus, helping individuals to better understand and provide for their loved ones and maintain healthy relationships.

Communication Skills Therapy at Southcoast in Boca Raton

Think that your relationships could benefit from better communication by using some of these helpful communication techniques? Communication skills therapy helps relationships of all types and individuals wanting to better their communication with the people around them.

To learn more about communication therapy and the other counseling services available at Southcoast Psychiatric Services, contact us today right from our website. Or, give us a call for a confidential consultation with one of our mental health specialists at 561-241-6628.