Combating Communication Issues With Counseling

Communication issues can arise as the result due to the development of underlying mental health issues or in the case of new social engagements or relationships. In any case, not addressing communication issues can lead to negative impacts on relationships in the workplace, at home, and elsewhere. So, it’s important to address these issues as they come up so that individuals who deal with them can understand how to combat the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that come with them. For people struggling to communicate in healthy ways, counseling with the guidance of a mental health specialist can help. During counseling sessions, individuals can receive education about why communication issues may have developed as well as develop healthy communication skills in order to showcase their own emotions and speak with others in more positive ways.

Various Types of Issues With Communication

There are a variety of types of communication issues and identifying which you may have can help choose the best treatment available for your needs. This is because each person who struggles with communication may be dealing with different factors that contribute to these issues. However, people who typically reach out for communication counseling report having trouble with relationships due to communication problems.

One of the reasons that people may feel they have trouble communicating with others is personal experiences. Different people have various styles of communicating based on where they grew up, their first language, and differences in linguistics. This leaves room for misinterpretation which can result in communication issues with people socially.

Another reason a person may be dealing with communication issues is underlying mental health conditions. People dealing with a variety of mental health issues may find it tiresome to change the way they communicate with others, debilitating their treatment success. These individuals may also find it difficult to describe how or why they may be experiencing communication issues with others.

Some other reasons for communication issues can include:

  • trauma (whether in childhood or adulthood)
  • stress
  • misinterpretation of other’s intentions
  • cultural differences
  • language variations
  • stereotyping
  • lack of good listening skills

When Communication Issues Affect Romantic Relationships

Undoubtedly, communication issues are going to hurt the people you love the most, including your intimate partner(s). But, it can be challenging to discern whether or not your relationship is displaying healthy communication. In many cases, people in intimate relationships may think that they’re communicating in healthy ways because they discuss day-to-day feelings. However, in reality, they are avoiding the hard discussions which are crucial to a healthy relationship.

People in relationships that are often in conflict may find help with communication counseling. This is because counseling can help to better understand the point of view of the other person in the relationship. And, overcome the emotional stressors that are not being properly conveyed. Being open to learning more about communication and practicing healthy methods of communication can help open up healthy outlets in a relationship as well as build trust.

Some things relationships can learn about during communication therapy sessions may include:

  • how to connect emotionally before bringing up challenging topics
  • being able to state words and intentions correctly
  • not interrupting the other person so they can feel properly heard
  • using “I’ statements in order to get feelings and thoughts across effectively
  • refraining from hurtful language (insults, swear words, etc.)
  • improving listening skills

Getting Help with Communication

Reaching out to counseling specialists who are experts in helping people better understand healthy communication can be beneficial to all relationships. So, if you feel that your relationships are strained due to communication issues, understand that there is help available to you. Southcoast Psychiatric Services offers counseling that is focused on the needs for healthy communication and relationships. Learn more about our counseling sessions and how we can help from our website.