Can Your Relationships Benefit from Communication Skills Therapy?

The 3 Components of Overall Well-Being

The three components of well-being are cognitive, emotional and behavioral. Each component interacts with, and influences, the others. It’s known as the health triangle. They’re all critical for mental well-being. People typically deem themselves…

Helping Your Child Navigate College Life

Just trying to get into the college of their choice is stressful for young people. They don’t understand the ramifications of costs, repaying loans, or choosing the best institution for their career goals. College preparation encompasses more…
How do Psychiatry Services Help With Mental Health Issues?

Group Counseling vs Individual Therapy

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People can participate in group counseling sessions or one-on-one therapy. Depending on the issues that an individual is dealing with and other factors as determined by their mental healthcare expert, group counseling may be combined with…
How Family Based Therapy During Addiction Treatment Can Help

Are Group Sessions Good for Your Mental Health?

Most people think of therapy as only one-on-one with a mental health professional. There are also group sessions that are available. The therapy is conducted by a specially trained mental health professional with a small group of individuals…
Combating Communication Issues With Counseling

Dealing with Anger Management

Anger has a time and place, but should be expressed in an assertive rather than aggressive way that’s not hurtful to others. Many individuals automatically default to aggressiveness. Uncontrolled anger damages personal and professional relationships.…
The Most Commonly Diagnosed Mental Health Issues in College Students

Understanding Learning Disabilities

There are 4 million children under the age of 18 that have some type of learning disability, with 2 million receiving special education services. A learning disability is defined as an impairment in perception, thinking, learning, organizing…
Helping a Friend With Depression - What Not to Do

Supporting Loved Ones with Their Recovery

Support is important for those recovering from substance abuse or addiction. Many people want to help a loved one in their recovery, but don’t know how. In trying to be helpful, they can inadvertently do the opposite. It’s important for…
Can’t Sleep? Get Help From Sleep Disorders Treatment

Managing PTSD

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For people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self-care is essential. PTSD occurs when an individual experiences the possibility or actual threat of serious injury, violence or death. It’s an anxiety disorder that develops in response…
Can I Really Tell a Therapist About My Substance Abuse Issues?

Counseling: A Safe Outlet to Discuss Negative Feelings

The traditional advice for people experiencing negative feelings, turmoil and emotionally charged issues is to calm down, relax and be reasonable. It usually has the opposite effect. Sometimes people just need to vent, be heard, and find acceptance.…
Helping Someone You Love Struggling With Intrusive Suicidal Thoughts

Ways to Manage a Difficult Moment in Your Life

Life is full of challenging and difficult moments. You don’t know when they will occur or what the result of those situations may be – some may eventually be blessings in disguise – but they’re still stressful, painful, and require resilience…