How to Teach and Talk to Your Kids About Mental Health Help

There is evidence that mental health disorders run in families and has a genetic component. That doesn’t mean that everyone in a family will have a mental health disorder. It’s just something of which individuals should be aware. There’s no way to predict with 100 percent certainty who will develop a mental health condition.

Some of the mental health conditions that have a genetic link include autism, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. Symptoms of one can be similar and even overlap. It’s one of the primary reasons that individuals should seek the experience of a trained mental health professional if they suspect a problem.

Modern living conditions can exacerbate mental health issues. People need a certain amount of space to feel comfortable. Cramped living conditions, constant stimulation and the sheer number of people in cities have a detrimental influence. Those factors can lead to the development of stress, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder in individuals that wouldn’t otherwise demonstrate symptoms. Psychologists have understood the effects environmental stress has on physical and mental health for decades.

Some archaeologists argue that mental health conditions gave individuals an edge throughout history. Genius in all its many forms have been linked to mental health conditions. Examples would be Nikola Tesla who was obsessive-compulsive; Isaac Newton was autistic with schizophrenia and bipolar; Ludwig van Beethoven was bi-polar; Michelangelo was autistic; and Vincent van Gogh and Abraham Lincoln were both depressive. People with mental health conditions are creative and resilient.

While there’s a genetic link to mental health conditions, that doesn’t automatically mean someone will develop a mental health issue. There are other factors at work, some of which are clearly understood. Others are not. There are numerous things that individuals can do to help safeguard their mental health such as setting boundaries and limits on their time and getting enough sleep.

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