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Sunday Scaries, also known as the Sunday Blues affects 80 percent of working adults, with 90 percent of Millennials and the Gen Z generation experiencing the condition. It’s normal to feel a little anxious, but it can make some individuals feel physically ill.

A Sinking Sensation

Thinking of returning to work on Monday can illicit stress, anxiety and outright dread. You may experience a feeling of unease that can creep into your thoughts unannounced or a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You may be worried about deadlines, the work load, making quotas, an unpleasant supervisor, or even co-workers. You may be unhappy with your job or worried about taking time off for a scheduled vacation.

Anticipation is Normal

Being able to anticipate things that could occur in the upcoming week is normal. It’s a healthy way to be prepared, enabling you to respond appropriately to any number of potential situations. Unfortunately, the Sunday Scaries can prevent you from enjoying leisure time with family or friends. Once those thoughts have entered the consciousness, the brain can become laser focused on them. An increasing number of people are experiencing worry about the coming week.

Ways to Combat Sunday Scaries

It can be helpful to seek the services of a mental health professional. He or she can help you manage your feelings and how you relate to the upcoming week. A therapist can help you learn coping skills for immediate and future situations so you feel less stressed and worried. Being mindful and meditation techniques are also beneficial.

It’s important to prioritize and maintain a regular sleep schedule. Loss of sleep can amplify even small feelings of worry. Creating a plan for the coming week will assist you in feeling more prepared. Your therapist can also provide assistance with calming techniques and strategies that will serve to enhance your overall sense of well-being. Your mental health expert will help you discover the underlying cause of your worry, anxiety, and develop strategies for minimizing those feelings.


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