How Family Based Therapy During Addiction Treatment Can Help

Most people think of therapy as only one-on-one with a mental health professional. There are
also group sessions that are available. The therapy is conducted by a specially trained mental
health professional with a small group of individuals with similar disorders.
Group therapy can be especially effective for addressing conditions ranging from social anxiety,
obesity and depression to emotional trauma, ADHD and PTSD. Group therapy is equally
applicable for substance abuse and those with obsessive-compulsive disorders. The therapy can
be combined with one-on-one therapy sessions.
Everything said and expressed in group therapy is maintained in strict confidentiality by the
therapist. Members of the group are typically required to a sign a confidentiality agreement.
Additionally, only first names or initials are used in group sessions for an added layer of
protection for participants.
You’re Not Alone
Group therapy builds a sense of camaraderie. It can be comforting for you to know that you’re
not the only one facing the same or similar issues and problems. It lessens feelings of isolation.
Building Blocks
It can also be helpful to gain a different perspective and learn how others have dealt with
issues. Everyone in the group won’t be at the same stage and your input can help them.
Everyone builds on the knowledge, experiences and strategies of others.
Accountability and Confidence
The accountability factor in group therapy doesn’t mean holding anyone up to shame, guilt,
ridicule or bullying. It’s a way to encourage, provide positive feedback, and help others achieve
their goals. It aids in building confidence and letting every member know that it’s possible to
succeed, even if they stumble along the way.
The journey of addiction or mental health wellness is one of self-discovery. Group therapy can
help you discover hidden strengths and acknowledge blind spots that often contribute to
Transitional Period

One-on-one or in-patient therapy can transition to group therapy. It provides an on-going level
of treatment that’s a critical element in the path to wellness.

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