Controlling Your Temper With Anger Management Therapy

Do you find it challenging to control your anger at times? Is your anger getting in the way of the things you want in life? While anger is a natural response to hurt, grief, annoyance, and other feelings, it can also be damaging. If you’re looking for a way to control the anger in your life, Southcoast Psychiatric Services is here to help. Here, at our South Florida location, we offer anger management therapy services so people living with anger can learn to manage their lives better.

The Basics of Why Anger Management Therapy is Helpful

Anger is a normal human emotion that helps us to control other feelings of trauma and other issues in life. However, when a person deals with higher levels of anger, or can’t control their anger, anger can be damaging. Anger disorder is when a person experiences rage that leads to destruction, either harming others and themselves.

During therapy, individuals can be given the tools needed to manage their anger. This way, they can learn how to stay calm, even in situations that would normally trigger an anger response. And, provide the environment to process their feelings, releasing pent up aggression. Finally, anger management therapy can help individuals learn how to distinguish between healthy anger and destructive anger. Thus, giving them the knowledge needed to utilize anger in their lives in a healthy way.

Signs You May Benefit From Anger Management Therapy

Controlling Your Temper With Anger Management TherapyThere are some symptoms of disordered anger that can help people identify the need for anger management help in their lives. Some of the signs that you may benefit from this type of therapy can include:

  • suppressing feelings of anger and rage
  • being pessimistic about how life’s going
  • acting out in violence
  • destruction of property
  • threatening others
  • starting fights or arguments
  • being highly irritable
  • engaging in reckless behaviors
  • noticing that others walk on eggshells around you
  • depression
  • trouble with concentrating

It’s important to identify that heightened levels of anger and rage can result in destructive, even violent behaviors. Therefore, others may become a victim of this anger. And, while people who struggle with disordered anger deserve the best care, people in the path of their anger do too. So, if you’re hurting by someone you love struggling with disordered anger, it’s important to also get the help you need.

How Anger Management Therapy Works

There are a few techniques utilized in anger management treatments that can help aid people living with disordered anger. Here at Southcoast, we utilize a number of these methods to give people in our care the best combination of treatments according to their individual needs.

Some of the techniques used in our program include:

Behavioral Therapy: An individualized therapy that works on identifying and addressing undesired behaviors in order to develop new skillsets for managing conflict.

Sensitization Treatment: Sessions that focus on appreciation, the needs and rights of others, and acceptance strategies.

Cognitive Therapy: Individualized therapy sessions with an approach to understanding one’s own feelings, personal issues, and anger.

Stress Reduction Techniques: Sessions that focus on the learning and practicing of stress-relieving methods such as relaxation therapies and meditation exercises.

Trigger Recognition: Working to identify what triggers one’s own anger to prevent reverting to past, destructive anger behaviors.

Medication Management: The prescribing and management of medications proven successful in helping individuals manage symptoms of disordered anger, specifically depression and anxiety.

Getting Help for Your Anger From Soutcoast

Are you tired of the way that your anger is controlling your life? Finally, you can get help and move past what anger has done to you and your life.

Find out more about the anger management specialty services available from Southcoast today and contact us to take the first step to an anger-free life.