Helping a Friend With Depression - What Not to Do

Stress is normal in multiple situations and for a variety of reasons. Rather than turning to comfort food, there are ways to extend yourself some self-care to destress.


Meditation is great for quieting the mind. If you’re a newcomer to the practice, don’t be discouraged if you have some difficulty at first. There are multiple techniques and you may want to try several to find the one that best meets your needs.

Relaxation Techniques

A variety of relaxation techniques are available from deep breathing, tai chi and yoga to music, aromatherapy and massage. Experiment to find what works best for you.

Take a Walk

Just the simple action of walking helps calm the body and mind. Nature is an effective way to de-stress. Any type of physical exercise can be a viable solution.

Engage in Creative Endeavors

Writing, painting and even assembling puzzles use your creative talents. Those and other activities give you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Immersing yourself in a hobby or other activity is extremely effective for relieving stress.

Stretch Your Senses

Be in the moment and stretch out your senses. Focus on one at a time. It’s an effective way to relieve stress and experience the environment around you.


This is a self-awareness method for checking in with yourself. You’ll be more aware of your thoughts and feelings. There’s no judgement attached.


Acknowledging the things that you’re grateful for on a regular basis helps train the brain. It brings more positivity into your life.

Reach Out

Call a trusted family member or friend. It will help distract you from stress and negative thoughts.

Mental Health Support

If you find that you’re still experiencing a significant level of stress, talking to a mental health professional can help. Sometimes you may just need to be seen and heard. A mental health expert can also help you discover other ways to relieve stress that works for you.


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