Setting Boundaries in Relationships for Better Mental Health

There are some times of the year that are more stressful for people than others. It usually centers around holidays, typically beginning with Thanks giving. The new year is greeted with a welcome sense of relief. There are 6 common reasons people dread the holidays. Understanding those reasons can help lessen stress and anxiety.

Pressure to Please

The pressure to please family and make them happy is high. Some families are insensitive or unforgiving if someone is unable to attend a gathering. The holidays aren’t a time to perform to others’ expectations.

Perfection is a Perception

There is no “perfect” holiday. Everyone builds an idealized version of the holiday season, based on their own experiences and perceptions. The great thing about traditions is that they have room to change and grow. You can incorporate new foods, vegan selections and activities into your holiday celebrations.

Fear of Failure

Others may have a vision of what’s expected. That doesn’t mean that its yours. Fear of failure to fulfill the vision of others can be motivating, but it doesn’t have to be your guiding principle.

Criticism Hurts

When someone comments on your green bean casserole, it’s perceived as a personal insult. What the critic is actually saying is it’s not the way they would do it. Your efforts are still tasty.

One Big Happy Family

Everyone tries to “make nice” at family gatherings, but there are often toxic dynamics within family units. Recognize that you may love your family, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you like the things they do.

Female Roles

Women are under social expectations that they cook, while men watch sports and children play. It’s an unfair stereotype. Don’t be hesitant to set tasks for children or have your male counterpart help out. Consider eliminating part of the work by purchasing a premade dinner or holding a potluck for family gatherings.

Prioritize Importance

Decide what’s really important to you about the holidays. Is it spending all day in the kitchen, the consistency of the mashed potatoes, or interacting with family? Making memories that you can look back upon with affection are priceless. Five years from now, no one will care about the pumpkin pie.


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